BJ Hathaway

(706) 836-4330

BJ Hathaway is passionate about golf! He loves to help his students improve their golfing ability regardless of age or skill level. Early on in B.J.’s life he took numerous trips to visit Augusta National and the Masters Golf Tournament. How can a young boy not get inspired by Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Mark O’meara and other Master’s champions? Early on in B.J.’s professional golf career he was driven to learn about golf bio-mechanics, and other instructional methods. This molded BJ to firmly understand there are numerous ways to effectively strike a golf ball, we just have to find your right way to hit the ball. B.J.’s passion is teaching all skill levels!

Over the course of B.J.’s career he has established himself as the leading Junior Golf Instructor in the Southeast. Juniors travel from all throughout the country for instruction with B.J. Hathaway. Over B.J.’s career he helped countless juniors to win championships, excel in high school golf and go on to play collegiate division one golf. His passion and success with junior golf instruction is recognized throughout the golf instruction industry. Locally B.J. has helped numerous Augusta Junior Golfers to reach new heights with their golf game.

B.J. has established himself as one of the nation’s leading mental golf coaches. While working at Augusta Golf Instruction he received the prestigious Master Certified Mind Factor accreditation! B.J. is the first golf instructor in the United States to receive this advanced golf mental coaching certification. Not only leading golf instruction in Augusta Georgia, B.J. is breaking through to the national golf instruction level.

  • Hank Haney Associate Professional 2
  • TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor 1
  • K-vest TPI 3D Certified Instructor 1
  • Medicus Golf Certified Instructor
  • The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor
  • The Mind Factor Master Coach
  • SKLZ Golf Staff Professional
  • V1 Golf Faculty Trainer