Ship It: Park Shin Hye Edition. Ship It: Park Shin Hye Edition.

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One person likes Yongseo and the other like Yongshin and suddenly we get arguments for no god damn reason. Yongseo fans, it's fine to wish for their relationship and wonder about all those coincidences cuz that's just curiosity. Leave these artists alone to date whoever they want to.

It's natural for everyone to have their own opinion but it shouldn't get to the point where it causes arguments between fans and makes trouble for the artists.

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Yonghwa keeps his next to his pillow in his room. Fans suspect that they have been expressing their feelings towards each other romantically through these lyrics.

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Leading this hot drama was Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Howith all of their experience in high school romantic comedies coming to good use in making themselves one of the hottest onscreen couples of the year. Other accounts say that they're always holding hands or leaning against each other's shoulders while filming their drama.


When a reporter asked if she was in a relationship, Shin Hye replied that she was in a secret one. I for one love Yonghwa's and PSH relationship, they seem like true friends that can count on each other.

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Her opposite being the famous and loved Jang Geun Seok definitely helped with that. So just stop all this bullshit of arguing just because someone has an opinion.

But that doesn't mean we need to post negative things to the opposite pairing and try to twist words and make more of these fake "scandals".

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Her opposite being the famous and loved Jang Geun Seok definitely helped with that. I'd be happy with anyone they end up with.

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And then they retaliate back with their own negative comments He also said that Shin Hye's Yong hwa shin hye dating proof 'Kyuwon' is the exact type of ideal woman for him, and then went on to say that 'Kyuwon' is alike with Shin Hye in personality and style several times.

Their love was not fulfilled in the drama, but their affection for each other in real life is unquestionable. And as she grows, her list of ships with popular actors grows as well.

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Let us know in the comments below! Opinions are fine, just don't turn that into obsessing YongSeo fans and YongShin fans stop obsessing as well in the fact that you need to argue back about a pairing.

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I actually saw this article when it just come out and I've seen all these negative comments come through. Yongshin fans, it's fine to like their closeness and wish for them to get together as well. I can only think of you Then more Yongseo fans come to argue back at the other Yongshin fans that come along.

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Let us know in the comments below! This just needs to stop. Anyways, this message has gone long enough and if none of you want to accept what I'm saying, then I can't change how you act.