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White girl dating black guy starter kit. Your starter for ten: why do so many hate this girl simply for being clever?.

Cutie Mark is a house shape inside a heart. She was once Princess Luna, younger sister to Princess Celestia, and god-like figure of the night, who was exiled to the moon for hundred years when she became twisted by dark forces. He is a celebrity that is modeled after Gildroy Lockheart though not a fraud from HP cannon and physically modeled from the Sphinx from Disney's Hercules animated series, whose picture i happened upon in Google images though that character is also a game show host.

Dusk watches her give a speech during the second chapter.

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The two are casual friends and she has run in the Annual running of the Leaves. Chief Thunderhooves- the leader of the Thunderhooves Buffalo Tribe.

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In the semi-final against St John's College, Cambridge, last week, she was first in with answers to a dozen crucial 'starter for ten' questions.

She acts as a grandmotherly figure of a sort. Discord- a main antagonist from MLP cannon, he is confronted by Voldemort, who actually likes how Discord runs things, just not messing with what is his and was indirectly defeated by him. How data brings you better ad experiences We want to provide you with the best experience on our products.

These aren't academic questions. Episodes used so far: He takes care of Dusk during the incident with Nightmare Moon, and keeps his involvement a secret.

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All children of Husky Tracks and train pullers. Ursa Minor- a baby version of an Ursa major, a giant bearlike celestial creature. Refer to for specifics on him from the show.

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It looks as though your cookies are disabled. For more information on her refer to My Little Pony Wiki website.

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Hoity Toity- A minor character from cannon, he is a earth pony that is a major representative of the fashion world from Canterlot in cannon. Rarity- MLP cannon character, also one of the Mane 6. He is possessive of Dusk, and the two share a mind together.

Once human wizard, now Alicorn.

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Dusk and she share one day weekly meetings talking about Canterlot and she is always unsuccessful as yet in getting him to agree to a make over. Please enable and try again. Keep in mind that the order of their appearance will not be reflected in the above list as i will occasionally switch up the order or even merge episodes from later seasons with earlier seasons, and some episodes will not make an appearance all together because of continuity or because I plain don't like them.

Soarin- MLP cannon character who is a member of the Wonderbolts.