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Foundation Concrete contractor will set form, pour footings and walls, and pour basement floor.

Work to be Performed by Dealer

Set of Home Our experienced crew will "set" your home on your foundation. Electrical Hookup Electrician will install amp panel shipped with house and hookup electrical system to service. I was consistantly running in one direction but I would get right up to and sit there until I came out into an area that was almost bare and the sled would climb right up to and I did see once Site Inspection We will inspect your lot to be sure that a modular home can be delivered to your site and set on your foundation.

Id be happy with that The checkmarks sections indicate who is responsible for each activity. Excavation Excavator will excavate foundation and create driveway; install septic system, grade disturbed areas, and spread loam.

Especially in stock trim.

What's Included in our Price

I managed to see in one direction, consistantly in the other direction and once at the very end of the run. Click here for more information about customizing your plan.

We will provide plans and specifications required by your town. Click here for more information about construction financing.

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Building Permits Obtain building permit from your town. We will schedule the delivery of your home and will be on site when your house is delivered.

If I drifted over just a little, the speedo would drop 3mph and I could feel it, just like I threw out an ancor, drift back into the tracks and it felt like I hit overdrive, and the sled would climb back up.

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I don't have a gps yet I also noticed that drag has a drastic effect on these sleds at high speeds. Below is a list of activities needed to complete your new home.

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We will confirm that all ship-loose materials to finish the home are included in the shipment. We needed bread for Christmas breakfast so I volunteered to go to the store on the sled.

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I know the yamaha speedometer is off, and I know its off more at higher speeds but does anyone know about how far off they are over ?? My sled has miles on it and is stock other than down the middle.

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Customizing Your Plan We will provide you with professionally drawn architectural plans for your building permit and construction loan. I weigh just shy of fully dressed, The lake was flat glare ice a couple days ago and since has gotten about " of fresh snow perfect for lube so conditions were perfect for high speed runs.

Click here for more information about scheduling a meeting with New Hampshire Modular Homes. Im guessing around max real mph. Ya think I was over ??? Anyone else notice this??