Connecting a Washing Machine to a Kitchen Sink Connecting a Washing Machine to a Kitchen Sink

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I did not use braided tubing and clamps-- just bought an extra washing machine hose and a coupler to extend what the machine came with. The washing machine must use the cold water hose since that is the only hose connected to the water supply in this setup.

How do they work? If you're not attached to your aerator, you can put the ACE adapter on and leave it. I have a question: If you want to save money and energy, you can always set up a clothesline or invest in an inexpensive drying rack.

For example, American Standard told me they never test for attachments like this and do not recommend allowing such usage.

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Instructions for specific models may vary; be sure to read your instruction manual before operating yours for the first time. You can also use garden hose, since it's the same size as washing machine hose. This is most common in hi-rise construction and is a big tipoff that someone has an unacceptable hookup.

One on hot, one on cold. Just found this great article. Water is drained from the washing machine directly into the sink.

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The height of the standpipe must be at least 34 inches to prevent water backup. How much do portable washing machines cost?

Step 4 Remove the aerator on the end of the kitchen faucet. Yep, they make portable dryers, too.

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To avoid this for everyones safety please install check valves on the hot and cold FEEDS to the faucet. Glue the sections together with primer and solvent glue.

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The standpipe is on a vertical axis when fit together properly. Bats22 5 years ago Reply Thanks for the nice comment!

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Step 3 Loosen the screw on the clamp over the drain hose on the adapter. Sharing laundry appliances with other people is for the birds. Measure and mark the predetermined measurement on the waste pipe. Insert the end of the drain hose attached to the washing machine into the drain hose on the adapter and tighten the screw in the clamp.

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I just bought the hoses from Home Depot, on the same trip for the rest of the fittings. Wipe the inside edges of the Y-fitting that will connect to the drain line with the swab attached to the lid.

After the rinse cycle, drain that water, then start the spin cycle. Step 2 Connect the cold-water supply hose on the back of the washing machine to the threaded inlet connection on the adapter and tighten with pliers.

Tightening some of it worked for about 2 months, until I walked in during a wash cycle and found water spraying straight up in 5-foot arcs in several directions. I would like to insist the landlord purchase a faucet that can handle the washing machine.

Step 5 Connect the faucet adapter to the end of the faucet, turning the threaded coupler clockwise to tighten. What about drying my clothes? Draw the lines as straight as possible. Open the primer and solvent glue.