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Other than townies, apartment neighbors and roommates may also give Sims a secret network.

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Males then have the chance to become impregnated and produce after three Sim days a half-alien child. This computer was also included in Apartment Lifebut was not made visible in the catalog.

Player - Sim has had 9 or more relationships in their life, none at the same time. On the other hand, making a bad impression will make the Sim be given a penalty network. A zodiac sign will be set which matches the personality the player has selected for the Sim.

Social interactions[ edit ] There are several new social interactions introduced in The Sims 2.

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As a response The Sims 2: Sims can travel to Community lots in order to purchase things like clothing and magazines, and to interact with NPCs and townies. You can share memories and pictures from your games, and post facebook-style to your wall to chat with your friends from thesims3.

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All of the new objects, interactions and gameplay elements are all fully legal within the Legacy Challenge. Are you sure you want to report it? As opposed to The Sims, any age besides baby or young adult which must be made in the University Create a Student may be created.

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Secret networking does not depend on a Sims reputation, though high reputation does increase the chance. Notes Edit In order to obtain any of the listed reputations, your actions have to get noticed by the community.

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You may do so however you want. Pranks and Punishment - Kids and Teens Children can set booby traps, while Teenagers refine the art and can pull off Pranks.

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Exploring their Options - Sim has had 3 or more relationships in their life, none at the same time. If they are seen in public flirting and showing romantic intentions towards another Sim, other than their partner, they may be publicly disgraced, get the "Cheater" reputation and be accused of infidelity by their partner, even if they have not become a romantic interest of the Sim they were flirting with.

Cleaning this will summon a genie and reveal it to be a magic lamp.

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A Sim will be born when a female Sim and a male Sim try for a baby. After the given appointment time the player could send their Sim to work and earn Simoleons and Career Points.

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Toddlers, children, teens, and adults can use the "Grow Up" self-interaction.