Pokémon Matchmaking: SM NU Edition (Current Pokémon: Zangoose). Pokémon Matchmaking: SM NU Edition (Current Pokémon: Zangoose).

Synergy matchmaking, mce south europe 2018 - thessaloniki

These may range from metagame defining Pokemon to more underrated threats. Forte Village Very well organized event with high quality buyers and Synergy matchmaking used time in daily program.

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Post Pokemon that you have had experience with. If you have not posted your reserved Pokemon after 24 hours, other users may nominate the Pokemon you had reserved and may complete it themselves. Kenes Thank you very much for a great organization and very essential, valuable contacts!

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Estonian Tourism Board You did a fantastic job and can be very proud of yourselves!!! It was a very valuable trip and a great experience.

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Teammates assist one another in achieving goals that a Pokemon may have in mind--whether that be sweeping or walling, there are effective teammates for every Pokemon. Procedure Every week, a Pokemon will be nominated for discussion: This project aims to find the best partners for a variety of Pokemon.

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The program was excellent, the organization was flawless and the entire Europe Congress team was friendly and professional at all times. Explain how and why the Pokemon you have nominated works well.


Siemens Thank you again for providing me with the opportunity to attend this superbly organized unique and important event. It was an honor and also my pleasure to be among the hosted buyers of your event.

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For example, do the two Pokemon have offensive synergy with respect to being able to wear down similar checks and counters or defensive synergy with respect to being able to wall a portion of the metagame due to typing, or role fulfilment? These were really great and fruitful business days!

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I will then open voting and a participant-number-dependent number of winners will added to the winners archive, with users who enter five or more times being added to the hall of fame.

Everybody I spoke to thought it was a great event. Be considerate of others when posting, and only post when necessary; try not to post one-liners.

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In this fast changing industry relationships still matter but so do professional skills - you proved that you have the right mix.

All the meetings were very productive and very well arranged. During the Synergy matchmaking period, everyone will have the chance to submit one Pokemon that they feel supports the nominated Pokemon best.

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I got a lot of important information and contacts for our future events. Calcs and replays are nice, but not compulsory. Please include a set for your submission; don't submit a Pokemon if you aren't even going to give me any other information about what it is you are submitting.

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