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Students dating lecturers. Cue trains guns on students who skip exams, miss classes :: kenya - the standard

Urgent matters And even as the students exit, the commission will enforce standards and guidelines on examinations, security features of certificates and on processes of issuance of certificates. I have sympathy with their pension situation but striking is not the answer.

The review will look at encouraging more children to take up technical and skills courses instead of seeing university as the only route.

The University and College Union UCUwhich represents academics and campus staff, is already holding four weeks of strikes beginning this Thursday which they say will affect one million students in the institutions covered by the action.

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The report asks the ministry to gazette university charters and statutes that are still outstanding to enable affected institutions review them. Lecturers who demand sexual favours to score students favourably or those who demand monetary kickbacks to fast track research work for postgraduate programmes will be punished.

Know if news is factual and true. Yesterday, Amina said her ministry wants all students to graduate in time. And once rolled out, the recommendations presented to Amina this week will see the commission review the standards and guidelines on supervision of post graduate programmes to allow supervision of a higher number of masters and PhD students.

CUE trains guns on students who skip exams, miss classes

Seems selfish to prioritise those over an entire generation of students. Rather, it is about rewarding excellent work with high marks - and giving credit where credit is due.

Geography student Nick Sundin said: The strikes will Students dating lecturers place in mostly older, research-intensive universities, including 22 out of 24 in the elite Russell Group. Panic as varsities staff face looming job cuts For a start, Amina directed all universities to adopt the Higher Education Loans Board Helb Smart Card system with immediate effect.

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The claim that students are being awarded degrees they don't deserve is utterly incorrect. The revelation comes after the number of firsts and 2: In other evidence universities are putting pressure on staff, Surrey University discussed whether to assess academics on the marks they awarded to students.

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But it also means that students who miss classes, fail to satisfy the various departments by missing examinations, submitting poor academic work or breaking academic ethical rules will not progress.

Why universities should promote research at all academic levels Financial sustenance and compliance to requirements on academic programmes were also audited in an exercise that took place between January 23 and February 3, Share this article Share He added: The proposals on academic progression however means that cases of withholding grades by lecturers or missing marks that force many students to miss out from graduation lists will be eradicated.

To remedy this situation, she said the ministry will roll out strategies to remove obstacles that delay students from graduating.

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Proposed changes to the sector pension scheme mean Free over 40 dating websites are set to lose up to half their retirement income, according to analysis by experts.

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A Universities UK spokesman said: The team established following the findings of the Quality Audit Inspection in February last Students dating lecturers now wants all universities to establish an efficient and effective student management system to ensure progression is in accordance with Senate approval.

Students are already threatening to sue universities for the potential damage the strike will cause to their education. The documents are part of regular good practice reviews.

Her intervention follows a major backlash over spiralling pay and perks for senior university officials.