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In their advertisements, the company stated, "Five or ten years from now—when the subway to Staten Island is built—… some Doubting Thomases of New Yorkers who don't buy will be shedding tears at their lack of foresight.

This aerial photo shows the completed Staten Island Expressway, as shown at the interchange with the unfinished Korean War Veterans Richmond Parkway.

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A piece of paper with an apparent handwritten signature of Balthazar Kreischer himself was recently uncovered in the church. La Guardia 's special committee on transportation requirements of the Borough of Richmond, it was deemed that a tunnel to Staten Island from Manhattan was "unthinkable" and that a tunnel between Brooklyn and Staten Island was "not feasible now but must wait ten years".

Balthazar Kreischer had arrived in the USA from Bavaria and was immediately tasked with rebuilding lower Manhattan, much of which had been destroyed in a December fire. Another proposal for congestion pricing, advocated by the mass transit advocacy group Tri-State Transportation Campaign, also was dropped from consideration.

The new revised plan would only cover the Narrows Tunnel, and a three-mile spur to Arlington Yard. The Winants had been a prominent family hereabouts in the colonial era.

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Unlike the Willowbrook and Richmond parkways proposed elsewhere in the borough, the new route was to allow cars, trucks and buses. David Zarkewicz, contributor to nycroads.

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The newly opened bus lanes should be extended west to the Goethals Bridge. The 95th Street station was slated to be connected to the bridge, one of the world's longest suspension bridges, because it followed the route of the planned tunnel. By that time, the anticipated development of the island required a borough-wide network of expressways and parkways to relieve congested local roads.

Approaches in Staten Island to the upper level of the Narrows Bridge would also be deferred. Public School 4, on Arthur Kill Road just north of Sharrotts Road, is probably the building with the highest concentration of Kreischer brick see below in the area.

The chimneys are made of yellow Kreischer brick. Development of design and engineering plans for the expressway and the Narrows Crossing were postponed until after World War II.

Similar to the proposal, it would have followed the routing of the current Verrazano-Narrows Bridge constructed from to its opening in The short remaining distance to the Goethals Bridge approaches would consist of four lanes.

The tunnel is being planned as a result of passenger and commuter traffic frequencies being at capacity and precluding freight movements.

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Most likely, the two additional lanes from would be open exclusively to buses, but possibly be open to all traffic during off-peak hours.

Expresswaythe expressway is designated as both I and NY As originally planned, the expressway was to be flanked by continuous one-way service roads.

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The wide underpasses of Hylan Boulevard were built to accommodate additional lanes between the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and the unbuilt extension of the Korean War Veterans Parkway.

Photo by Jim K. A proposal had freight running at night between 1 a. Though Charleston has had that name since the s it has been called Androvetteville and Kreischerville in the past, for prominent families.

Note Kreischer brick on gateposts and fences.

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The Storer family, whose name is on a local avenue, is also here. In the s, it was rumored that George Harrison, who was taking cancer treatments on the island, had expressed an interest in purchasing the mansion, but changed his mind when security concerns became a problem.

In lateNew York City arterial coordinator Robert Moses adopted the route of the "Clove Lakes Expressway," as the Staten Island Expressway then was known, in the city's arterial development program. In the early s the house was completely renovated.

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One unique feature of the expressway is a set of "ramps to nowhere" in the Todt Hill section of Staten Island. The depot services up to buses and serves all MTA local and express bus lines that run through the area.

There are still some s-era parking lot signs in the adjacent lot.