World Map of Social Networks World Map of Social Networks

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North America ranks first among regions where social media is highly popular, with an social media penetration rate of 66 percent.

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This is what Granovetter called "the strength of weak ties". Init is estimated that there will be around 2. In China QZone still dominates the Asian landscape with million users -6 million users in 6 months.

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As of the second quarter ofU. The basis of Heterophily Theory was the finding in one study that more numerous weak ties can be important in seeking information and innovation, as cliques have a tendency to have more homogeneous opinions as well as share many common traits.

Macro level[ edit ] Rather than tracing interpersonal interactions, macro-level analyses generally trace the outcomes of interactions, such as economic or other resource transfer interactions over a large population.

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Overview[ edit ] Evolution graph of a social network: Fowlerand others, developing and applying new models and methods to emerging data available about online social networks, as well as "digital traces" regarding face-to-face networks.

Originally, the term was used extensively in the computer sciences see large-scale network mapping.

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Inmore than 81 percent of the United States population had a social media profile. Exponential random graph models of social networks became state-of-the-art methods of social network analysis in the s.

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The main player in a network that bridges structural holes is able to access information from diverse sources and clusters. Instagram is the second social network in 37 countries.

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This line of research seeks to explain why some become "early adopters" of ideas and innovations, and links social network structure with facilitating or impeding the spread of an innovation. Although levels of analysis are not necessarily mutually exclusivethere are three general levels into which networks may fall: Murders can be seen to diffuse outwards from a single source, because weaker gangs cannot afford to kill members of stronger gangs in retaliation, but must commit other violent acts to maintain their reputation for strength.

Facebook has reconquered Latvia, beating Draugiem, the historical local social network.

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Each graph has 32 nodes and 32 links. Social networks not only enable users to communicate beyond local or social boundaries, but also offer possibilities to share user-generated content like photos and videos and features such as social games. Reddit is strong in Canada and Denmark.

It has 35 million monthly Social networking sites in india for dating users, while Facebook has 25 million.

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Contacts in a network provide information, opportunities and perspectives that can be beneficial to the central player in the network. Non-redundant information is most often obtained through contacts in different clusters.

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The most prominent of these are Graph theoryBalance theorySocial comparison theoryand more recently, the Social identity approach. Practical limitations of computing power, ethics and participant recruitment and payment also limit the scope of a social network analysis.

Most social networks are also available as mobile social appswhereas some networks have been optimized for mobile internet browsing, enabling users to comfortably access visual blogging sites such as Tumblr or Pinterest via tablet.

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Large-scale network is a term somewhat synonymous with "macro-level" as used, primarily, in social and behavioral sciences, in economics. In71 percent of internet users were social network users and these figures are expected to grow. QQ International has million monthly active users and WeChat has million monthly active users.

Most larger social networks display features of social complexitywhich involves substantial non-trivial features of network topologywith patterns of complex connections between elements that are neither purely regular nor purely random see, complexity sciencedynamical system and chaos theoryas do biologicaland technological networks.

This theoretical approach is, necessarily, relational.

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The term is used to describe a social structure determined by such interactions. ChristakisJames H. In Russian territories V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki are still struggling to conquer the market.

Formal organizations are social groups that distribute tasks for a collective goal.