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Sephora just dating, all listings

They were missing one tester colour unfortunately but I've swatched every other shade!

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I think the range of colours is good and they seemed fairly consistent in pigmentation and creamyness across the entire range. I got to wear fun makeup all day, be surrounded by fun makeup all day, and work with some insanely talented, hardworking, and creative people.

That goes for used products, too! I use Laura Mercier Eye Basics, which lasts all day for me, under the most extreme circumstances. Sephora is all about try before you buy. Take advantage of the mini makeovers at The Beauty Studio.

I used to have a basket full of all the mascaras I was trying, but now this is the only one I buy. Sexy Game, Oh Oh!

2. Ask for samples!!!

Did you get a coupon just a little too late? From Bottom to Top: My church, my safe haven, and my first job!

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A good Sephora just dating set. My two favorite colors are Envy for a natural look and Lively a fun, fuschia. I would put it on my lips and it would last forever.

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No way should Jealous be described as Peachy Pink and shown beside a peach swatch, this baby is bright almost neon watermelon! Just put it on and forget about it. And what do you spend them on, you ask?

Then I discovered this Tarte line— tons of color options that are semi-moisturizing stains that last forever!

The Sephora Spring Bonus Sale Has Some Incredible Deals

I found a couple reviews saying that the formula was a decent dupe for one of Guerlain's lipsticks, but nothing else. They are The Best. Your points never expire and only go away when you spend them.

Sign up for the Beauty Rewards program. The blush works on my cheeks, as an eyeshadow base, or as a lip color.

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