How to Hang a Punching Bag With an Eye Hook. How to Hang a Punching Bag With an Eye Hook.

Punching bag hook up. Punching bag hook.

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For best results, use bag gloves to reduce the strain on your wrists during practice. Repeat this step for each eye bolt that is part of your setup, using the pencil marks as guides for the proper positioning of the holes.

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Climb the ladder so that you are high enough to touch the ceiling, and use a stud finder to locate a joist in the ceiling.

Despite the benefits, punching bags tend to be bulky and are a hassle to mount.

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Step 5 Position the punching bag directly under your ladder and lift it up by the hanging chains attached to the top. While a heavy bag such as this requires a heavy beam in your ceiling for safe installation, actually installing the equipment will not be a serious time investment.

Even then, you may need to rehang your bag every few years if your eye bolt becomes stripped from the constant barrage of punches.

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Hold the bracket flat against the ceiling as you install the first bolt half way. Since the integrity of the structure is at stake, talk with an engineer or a building expert about the best way to do this for your situation.

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Depending on your attic setup, this may require two people; one to hold the eye bolt in place, and another to tighten the top side with pliers. If you use the bag for kicking practice, try to aim for the direct center to reduce unnecessary bouncing and spinning.


Step 4 Drill a hole from top to bottom of the ceiling joist, using a drill bit that is the same size as the eye bolt. Once your bag is in the air, it will provide for hundreds of hours of heavy training before succumbing to wear and tear.

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Step 3 Use the socket wrench to install bolts into holes you have drilled. Heavy bags in excess of pounds typically require a solid ceiling joist that is at least 6 square inches.

Hoist the bag as high as needed before attaching the leader chain to the carabiner. Dating cold streak drilling until the entire bit has dug into the ceiling.

If you're a person who weighs more than pounds, you'll typically need a heavy bag of more than pounds to help you increase your punching power in any significant way, according to Boxing Depot. Continue tightening the nut with an adjustable wrench until the eye bolt is sturdy and immovable.

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Share on Facebook Whether you're a weekend warrior or a serious mixed martial arts fighter, having a punching bag in your own home gives you more opportunities to work out.

Hold the bracket in the exact spot and mark the holes where you will drill. A punching bag can help you build muscle, improve your form and torch body fat. Step 3 Place a nut and washer on the threaded end of the eye bolt. Training at home can help you hone your craft.

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Make sure the washer rests on top of the nut as you screw it down the length of the threading until it rests against the metal loop.