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She had a huge rack for a pinay, not perfect but not bad. We busted out a classic… spin the bottle, but the rules were: Well, I would have done it anyway.

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THC moved things along quickly with his girl. It was the largest naval battle in modern historywhen at least Allied ships clashed with the remnants of the Imperial Japanese Navysome 60 ships, including the super battleships Yamato and Musashi.

I tried to get her back to my hotel a couple hours after meeting but she declined.

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In day game, the most important part is just having the balls to walk up to a girl say hi and hand them the piece of paper with your number on it. She got the 3 of us so drunk on expensive shots at this bar in Makati.


She was a single mom. After I arrived I started my usual routine. This nightclub is to be found below famous restaurant "Filling Station", loved by foreigners for it's huge Pizza and Pasta dishes.

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Both cities govern themselves independently of the province and their residents do not vote for elective provincial officials. My first Pinay of the two weeks. Time to set up Scotian on a double date to pay him back for the girl I got off him.

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Inthe religious Jesuits established mission in Carigara which preceded the mission established in Palo in and Ormoc and Ormoc dating missions in It was ballsy because the elevator was packed full of other people.

Sex was good but 40 minute blowjob was better.

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Waited 15 minutes then used my 3rd excuse and tried being more aggressive just taking her hand and leading the way… fail. You should always have a girl waiting for you at the airport. Got 5 texts though.

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It was a good night. It was all flawless.

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Full of adventures and chasing girls and seeing new places. The next day I saw 2 black girls and got their numbers. She had a beautiful face that I loved staring at.

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She told me she had fallen from a tree and broken it when she was a kid. Once I got her to my room I went for the kiss 5 minutes in and had 0 resistance all the way to sex.

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She was 25 and had a lot of money for a Philippine girl. Ormoc City is an independent component city, while the capital Tacloban was declared a highly urbanized city in