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Each person from each team is assigned a color and has to hold themselves off the ground. Her main argument is that if one of them leaves the show that will end their relationship, because these people are suspended in animation when The Challenge isn't on and are reawakened in time to get on the plane and fameball it out.

Nany González & Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio

The Teej is on fire this week. Two steps forward, one step back. Aneesa is actually capable of math and realizes that there are only three girls on their team, which gives her shitty odds for not going into the draw.

And if Tamara were sentient, she would be the most interesting cast member by a mile.

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Meanwhile, Laurel has inherited all the bravado that her boyfriend Jordan left behind last week and, unlike him, uses it to win. But the real drama comes from watching CT contort himself into a yoga pose and from booing Zach as he douches about how the girls are going to mess up the Challenge.

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And she uses her own talking head to brag about it. When it's Bananas's turn to flip the cards he does an interminable "eeny miney moe," at which point Teej yells at him to hurry up, calls him "junior," Dating a filipino then says, "That is so stupid.

Cohutta compares his grappling in the final against Preston with "wrestling a giant bullfrog in the sand.

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The Challenge this week is two giant "boxes" filled with different-colored ropes. E08 Last week, Jordan let his hubris get the better of him. Cara Maria's purple hair is back, which I like, but that weird bead stuff has got to go.

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Sure enough, Aneesa and Preston get voted in, while Laurel and Cohutta pull the kill cards. Also last week, Devyn bid farewell to her wig, Tamara, which couldn't survive the horrors of saran wrap, sand, tomatoes, and other random things the piglets had to roll over. But his last one is a kicker: It reminds me of when The Challenge used to be good, and there was that episode where they were all stuck inside the house and decided to have a costume contest and Sharon from London won.

Nany loves everyone except herself, and TJ is not even trying to hide his favoritism.

When Preston gets voted into the draw, he yells, "Finally, I got picked first! Between the victory and the quips, Devyn is becoming one of my favorite Challengers. Or, as the show puts it, "Bananas rose to the occasion," which…ew. The Wrath of Teej: Hey, remember last week when you had a panic attack at the finish line?

The final is Oppenheimer, or "that one where they run in circles and ring bells.

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I don't know where Sharon from London is now, but I hope the answer is "far, far away from here. Because who else would? When his name gets called during the team-picking segment, Bananas claps for himself.

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Slut-shamer-in-chief Bananas decides it's his job to tell Cohutta about it, but Nany eventually takes charge of her sexuality and does it herself.