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Eventually Yeo-reum tosses Se-ah in too, and they have fun splashing around. When the day is over, all six of us will have kissed someone.

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A more demure dress has the mothers worrying over the high price tag. He latches onto this — did Yeo-reum ask her to officially date? Yeo-reum suggests they go elsewhere for some private time, and Ki-tae gets all pouty-faced, shouting after them and going ignored. She asks for him to pay her back for the wedding gifts she bought, and a stunned Ki-tae tells Yeo-reum that she must want to marry him for real.

Ki-tae asks why Se-ah is going to such lengths and argues that if she wants a baby, it could be with anyone—why him? Ki-tae keeps calling Jang-mi frantically, and Se-ah comments meekly that she really did want to help this time.

Ki-tae bristles even more, and Yeo-reum seems to take pleasure in detailing all the couple-y things he plans to do with Jang-mi and watching Ki-tae get flustered.

Oppa, what am I to you? Se-ah grabs Ki-tae for a kiss, and Jang-mi averts her eyes, wondering to herself why she feels this way.

It sounds like she really needs a friend today, so Jang-mi asks if she wants to come to where she is. Grandma Wang is beside herself with joy. Mom has already chosen a gown and literally shoves Jang-mi to the dressing room. Rewind to Jang-mi the runaway bride, as she escapes the bridal shopping day from hell and leaves Ki-tae standing in the street calling her name.

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She comments that they must be living together now, which Ki-tae runs with, earning a smack from Jang-mi. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum look around her expensive hotel suite, and Jang-mi freezes when Ki-tae calls. Good-natured Yeo-reum invites Ki-tae to eat with them, but it backfires on him when Ki-tae and Jang-mi bond while planning how to deal with his mother.

Gun finds them across the hall in Roomand makes the two of them kneel with their hands over their heads like schoolchildren.

Getting there in the windy mountain roads turns out to be quite a challenge for the brainiac though, and he gets them lost and stuck in the mud.

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This is all because of you! If we go back, will it be like nothing happened? Jang-mi kicks up her half-exposed leg from her ajumma pants being hiked up, no less and demands that Yeo-reum put oil on her too.

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Jang-mi gets all calf-eyed when she tries the dress on, and has to remind herself that no matter how gorgeous the dress is, she has to stay sharp. After Mi-young puts the kibosh on sexy times before the sun sets, the two of them slow dance under the stars. Offer towards neatness a coffee.

It took you long enough. They reminisce about when their fate actually began, and while Mi-young thinks it was when he called her his lady luck at the casino, he thinks it started when they first met, chasing after his ring. Yeo-reum chides her for getting wrapped up with real emotions in the fake marriage all over again, and Jang-mi agrees with a smile.

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She says that she wants to make up and invites him on a trip to the beach, once again pushing just that one step too far. How can you even ask that?