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We have people who have purchased trains because Lionel train dating the branding and the specific nature of the train who might not necessarily be train collectors themselves.

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I believe you have made a mistake in cutting the plywood. The best Lionel HO trains were those produced in as they were manufactured for Lionel by Rivorossi, a manufacturer of high quality HO trains. I also understand that Lionel's postwar track cleaning car is not as efficient at cleaning as one might hope.

There are several versions of Lionel's postwar service manual available.

Let me know if i can be of any assistance. My first problem is that the tracks outside center to outside center of a 3 track rail is 1. We are not as anal as the postwar guys, no offence anyone! However, a good portion of these engines were the same as their "O" Gauge counterparts with just a change in the number of the locomotive to define it as "O" Gauge.

The train, however, should only have a whistle or a horn or an electronic whistle. What is the Lionel number for a whistle controller that will activate the "whistle" on a newer Lionel locomotive when using a vintage transformer?

The X came instead with a unboxed black NYC gondola and three orange cable reels. This plate often shows the year of manufacture. Check its operation with the boiler shell off and make sure the e-unit lever is making proper contact. Also many smaller train sets came with small transformers which are seldom worth the cost to ship them anywhere.

The number part of the radius designation, i. The X came with a boxed Submarine car. Ideally, you want to store the trains in a dry area and avoid extremes of temperature.

We also accept trade-in's toward the purchase of the Lionel Transformers we sell! First be sure that the e-unit lever is in the correct position. I have a couple of questions. FasTrack sections begin at a 36 inch diameter.

The one in the X set had a box. Many of the trains made in the early years right up through the present have kept their value and some are highly valued by collectors, while other more common ones, while worthy of running may not have a high collector value.

It sounds like your e-unit is stuck in one position. Lionel doesn't even allow their service stations to repair them.

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Should I have used a "de-greaser" chemical? You should get a zero reading. A true collector will know what should be used and preserve the value of the trains.

Are there any websites for identifying prewar Lionel trains? - Classic Toy Trains Magazine

The paint finish was a bit glossier and the cab numbers were slightly larger. It is specifically designed for transformers without a Bell or Whistle controller.

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Lionel first introduced an HO line in Freezing temperatures will certainly stiffen any grease and thicken oil. What kind of track is best for my Lionel trains?

The plate on the bottom of the locomotive will provide you with additional information. I recently acquired what I understand is a rare Lionel set - the postwar Halloween General set.

These listings also serves as a guide to exactly what items are selling for. Here is an illustration I prepared for an article showing how the different radius sections of Lionel's Lionel train dating work together.