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She suggests putting as much time and thought into "shopping" for a mate as one does in shopping for an outfit for a special occasion-a process that entails interviewing him to assess his values and goals, interpersonal relations, and attitude toward money.

She was raised in London, educated at Cambridge, where she wrote her dissertation on courtship rituals in Jane Austen, and currently resides in New York, where she is happily dating a Henry Tilney. I was startled when I saw there's actually a quiz at the end of the book to see what kind of heroine you are and a summary of all Jane's novels, and character analysis of romantic character.

While there's a Christian undertone now and then, this would probably not offend those from other faiths or the nonreligious. While this book had some good points, and it was fun to see what lessons might be learned from Jane Austen novels, I decided, while reading it, that you marry who you fall in love with in spite of the annoying do not date this kind of guy traits he might have.

See a Problem?

Look for someone who can bring out your best qualities 7. Some of them are very helpful such as "If you like someone, make it clear that you do. YOU chose him, after all.

Austen fans will derive the most pleasure from this book, but others will find more relevant love advice elsewhere.

He is secretly engaged to Jane Fairfax and treats her horribly. And so Henderson, author of such classics as Freeze My Margarita, has hit upon the idea of turning back to the wisdom of literature's acknowledged expert on matters of the heart.

Darcy, keeps falling in love with Willoughby's and Wickhams's, and is. We found the book charming and fun; less lightweight and more enjoyable than expected. Elizabeth Bennet I took it after I read the book and got: Cross-class dating personality quizzes at the end, which reveal which Austen character the reader and her intended mate most resemble, are fun and will be particularly appealing.

The book has ten chapters. If you start trying to change him you will turn into a nag, and you WILL end up hating yourself. It will, however, generate demand owing to Kent's scheduled media appearances. Its a two-way street.

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Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet Darcy falls for Elizabeth because she is who she is. We are also assured that our quest for a Henry Tilney of our own is an honorable one finding our quiz results place us firmly in the Elizabeth Bennet categoryand rather wish that Ms.

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Then at the end of the book they have a quiz so you can see which Jane Austen character you and your significant other are. If you love Jane Austen you will like this book, it is all about how her books teach us the proper way to find and fall in love with the right person.

Here are the 10 interesting chapters; 1. When they got together, her bad habits caused Brad to pick up on it and he became a slob as well.

When he gets with Emma he brings out the worst in her and she in him.

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