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I mean, it was like fun while it lasted. We, as comics, had a great run where we could write one-hour of material and that could last us 15 years and then stupid Louis C.

I wanna get out.

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Soon To Be Rated As our highly trained, incognito inspectors work to assess properties, our editors check them out ahead of time and provide a sneak preview of what to expect. A lot of fun, juggling these two girls around? I wanna get the hell out of here so bad.

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You're still going to that Fashion School, right Lauren? I wanna go right now. I have never found a cute white dress like ever. Custom-mixed lotions and oils blend natural ingredients, including eucalyptus, lavender, orange blossoms and citrus.

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Our global team of inspectors are anonymous at all times, so they have the same experience as a typical guest. I can't believe that you're not coming The Last Dance [1.

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Our hotel stays span a minimum of two nights. I wrapped it myself, sweetie! Yeah, you want to split it with me?

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Can you imagine like LC and Kristin fighting over you? Maybe it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don't know what am talking about. That is absolutely true.

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You looked good up there, slut! This is you ruining my senior year! And we're all planning on showing off our dresses. What color do you have it in?

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There's even a bow on it! How considerate is that? Yahoo is now part of the Oath family. Learn more about our data uses and your choices.

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How do I look? So what did you think? You're Buddhist, you believe in that. We're gonna be best friends.

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I like your earrings Christina. My car is dunzo!!

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Having Lauren and Kristin fighting over you? So are you going out solo tonight or do you have dates?