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In other words, around 10 to 15 years later technicians needed to have the same skills and knowledge that was expected of engineers in the s. The Growth of the Role of Librarians and Information Officers 11 Previously, Good dating profile lines played an important role in the institutionalized diffusion of information.

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The preservation of data, even in the digital era, remains a task that can only be carried out by a library. The document is not an isolated entity.

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Access to these documents also needs to be protected and access conditions must be created. To date, her research has produced some thirty publications in specialist journals and over twenty pieces made in collaboration films, 3D animations, video installations, interactive installations, digital performances as well as participation in numerous colloquia and international exhibitions: Strategy of the supervising institution After the studies, the Meteorology Department set up a total of six sta- tions in Qatar, with both southern and northern regions accounting for three facilities each.

Archives nationales Research and Innovation Research and Innovation Promotion of Results Higher Education 51 53 54 54 55 56 57 58 58 60 61 62 62 Existing collaborations Instead, new functions are presented and explanations are given on how to promote these products in the respective community.

Several approaches have been chosen for a better understanding.

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In the context of a financial and economic crisis, another factor has an increasing impact on the development of libraries: Searching a database required specific skills catered for by professionals working in the field of documentation. It is impossible to entirely understand the digital revolution without considering the normalization process that is taking place in all possible technical fields.

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The core sector of this profession re-invents itself each time a new field of work is discovered. This adaptation can be subdivided into three different levels: How can this revolution be accommodated by activities within the field?

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It also increases the quality of libraries and advertises the concept of the digital library. In theatre, by opening towards world theatre, poetic exploration and contempoarary transdisciplinarity Scenes and Knowledge has earned real international visibility.

The INREV research group has established long-term relationships with private companies, leading to the creation of a professional Masters degree together with the formalisation of CIFRE conventions for doctoral students Industrial Conventions for Training through Research.

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