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Rudder even states at the beginning of the article that all dating sites suffer from the same problem: Could I lie in my profile? Do I want people to know that I don't think I want kids before they even meet me?

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They can browse endlessly and egotistically over the same bullshit and never make a decision because the flood never ends. Be polite, friendly and welcoming.

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So back to online dating. Man the fuck up and use the internet for what it was designed for: That means every woman on every internet dating site a neurotic nightmare. Personally, in my brief stint on eHarmony, I met only two men in person, but found them both impressive and well-matched to me in many important ways.

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Women love internet dating for exactly that reason. If nothing else, you should take this away from my rant: Part of the problem is that matching sites build their mathematical algorithms around principles—typically similarity but also complementarity—that are much less important to relationship well-being than has long been assumed.

For women, internet dating is like shopping for shoes and working at the Post Office all mixed in one. With online dating you are limiting yourself to ever finding out.

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But turns out, you don't get the perfect man or woman out of it. All dating sites have this issue, including OKCupid.

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Internet dating is a perversion of sex. Or that there's no way you would date a Republican but then you find one who is respectful of other people's opinions otherwise known as a "unicorn"?

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First of all, this is a huge topic, worthy of multiple articles. Online dating is bullshit. Online dating has always been one big joke to me. If I can't get my booty out there to meet 'em in person, I don't deserve to order one a la carte on the interweb.

He got engaged to a nice young lady….

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Would you like a drink for free? Be the boss of YOU Online dating is bullshit When you're single, there are certain things you have to put up with: Married people want everyone to be married.

And the power of being in love.