The Best Unexpected Places to Snag a Date in NYC. The Best Unexpected Places to Snag a Date in NYC.

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Talk about a meet cute.

Every Muslim knows how awkward finding potential suitors can be.

It's got killer food, music, and a unique Southern style. Mills-McCoin is a madcap mad hatter, beaming with the charisma of a guy you would follow to Guyana and not hesitate to drink the "cool-aid.

I have been out of the dating pool for several years, but I can only imagine the trauma induced by such a feat. The Union Square Greenmarket What can be better than buying delicious veggies, fruits, and pastries whilst chatting up the cute stand worker, or the hottie that reaches for that gorgeous red tomato at the same time you do?

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As a happily married man, I can't imagine being rejected in a world of Tinder swipes, or, Heaven forbid, being a woman having to deal with a plethora of dick pics constantly being sent my way. Story continues on the next page.

Austin, TX

There are less crowds and you'll be more likely to strike up a conversation with the handsome young architect who has lovely hazel eyes and a passion for Frank Gehry. Check into the 21 C, a key modern stunner occupying a s-landmark building downtown, where contemporary arts and cultural programs are held across 10, square feet of exhibition space.

In the winter and spring, you can also avoid the skinny jeans crowd by checking out the Chelsea Pop Up one. Julia adds that she has dabbled with online dating, but feels like you can get to know so much more about a person from five minutes in front of them than weeks of online messaging.

I'm shy when it comes to dating and get nervous when there could potentially be an exciting outcome.

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After each round, which lasts five minutes, guys switch tables to meet a new girl. The brick-and-timber building has original pine timber beams, walls covered in work by local artists and photographers, and a rooftop Social Club.

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By the way, the cards feature original artwork by Tim Dorsey, who created both the bingo cards and all of the icons that go with them.

I leave you with the words of Alfred, Loyd Tennyson: For me, it's the place you go when everyone wants to drink there's a full barbut someone in your party still wants to get a bite to eat and won't settle for picking up something on the way from the Taco Bell drive-thru.

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If it was, we wouldn't have dating coaches; paid matchmakers; a whole section of dating books written by the likes of, of all people, Steve Harvey, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Dr. After checking in, catch a live act at Georgia Theateran Athens institution, then end your evening with the locals at Normal Bar.

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Of the "contestants," seven females and seven males have shown up. Phil in the self-help section of every bookstore; a dating site for farmers only; and last but not least, The Pick Up Artist "Mystery" nee Erik von Markovik and his wingman, "J-Dog.

Yes, a literal hat.

We designed this platform to connect young and multi-faceted Muslims.

OR you could do something unexpected, something unorthodox, something wildly unpredictable and check out these surprising places where you can snag a date in NYC. Photo Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society 6 Minneapolis It may be known for its Midwestern friendless and summer lake culture, but Minneapolis has a seriously creative side, too.

Our favorite spot for dinner is Port Fondawhich serves authentic Mexican eats, and hosts an unbeatable happy hour with margaritas and carnitas tacos. You're single and you're ready to mingle. Main is a late-night or brunch destination for many.

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A little later, she goes on to say: In particular, go to the sections less traveled, towards the back of the first floor -- well, really, any of the sections that aren't near the entrance or the touristy merchandise. All of the theaters listed above offer improv, sketch and comedy classes.

I have a fond memory of being picked up by a young French sightseer in this store.