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Only minutes after the supercarrier was destroyed, a portion of the enormous Fleet of Particular Justice exited Slipspace above Reach and launched a full-scale assault on the planet.

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Captain Keyes and his crew had been captured by the Covenant and they were being held on the cruiser. Halo 5 Minutes Get prepared for the Halo 5: It was here that the Covenant deployed their infantry during the course of their invasion.

Guardians campaign with the state-of-the-universe story primer, introducing you to new characters, factions, and setting the table for Halo's newest adventure. So they kept the parasite dormant and contained on Halo, but all of that changed when the Covenant began prying at locked doors.

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Long Road Home Halo 7 Minutes Discover more about the major characters and events that both define and bridge the gap between the stories of Halo 2 and Halo 3, as humanity strives desperately to protect Earth — and all life in the galaxy — from the Covenant, Halo dating 101 Flood, and the firing of the Halo Array.

Without fear, the Spartan dove deep into the belly of the beast, fighting through the Covenant horde and eventually securing the captain.

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The Control Room Halo 3 Minutes Easily the most important aspect of any given installation, the control room is a Forerunner-built structure where one can activate the galaxy's most dangerous weapon - Halo. Though local insurgents were considered the likely culprits, the truth was far more horrific than anyone could have imagined.

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Ten Twenty Halo 2 Minutes When Regret arrived near the planet on October 20,the prophet was so intoxicated by religious fervor and the untapped potential of the Forerunner machine that he ignored the strength of Earth's defenses and sped toward the planet's surface.

They attempted to punch a hole through Earth's home fleet and the planet's vast defense grid.

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Luckily, the Master Chief and Cortana manage to survive Assault on the Stars - Part 1 Halo 3 Minutes Home to the humanity's most vital military presence, the colony Halo dating 101 Reach was absolutely paramount to human survival. When the Covenant finally arrived, the UNSC knew that the resulting conflict would almost inevitably decide the outcome of the war.

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