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How For Glory's matchmaking works.

It's worth bearing in mind that for a lot of Chinese fighters they are moving from their native SanDa system into our system of kickboxing and there are some subtle but important differences. Marshall did well in Los Angeles in January against Guto Inocente; he lost a decision in an extra round but it was a close fight.

Thus far I feel like the Chinese have held Glory 20 matchmaking own and looked evenly-matched in their fights.

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Basically, the more games you win against a single user, the harder the next user will be to face. Some people felt he won that fight actually, it could have gone either way.

Wings of Glory II Alpha [0.5.8] [Badges!]

Anderson 'Braddock' Silva is a familiar name to our fans and he's by far the most experienced fighter in the tournament. Both him and Zhang are very fast and I expect to see a constant exchange of techniques from them.

This explains why the nature of meeting other players feel random. I'll update this post when I figure it out. But a week ago Lewis-Parry pulled out with an injured hand and it took us until today to confirm a replacement.

He lost a decision in the extra round after putting on a great display. He showed a real fighting spirit - both guys did, actually. Ultimately, more details may be best left to a future State of the Nations - after, of course, all of the matchmaking changes have settled out and we have some more data back.

If your win rate is high by the start of the day, tougher the opponents become. Players are set in these sections automatically every time they start up the game, thanks to the win rate value.

He needs to not show Silva too much respect; he has got nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is still not clear, so I'll come up with more info later. With a new way matches are being made, that may be affecting the Glory available.

Anyone who has played ranked Starcraft matchmaking can attest to how hard it is to hit the "Find Match" button. Again, this is something we will have eyes on. New Matchmaking and Glory Observations Sure, you'd occasionally find a player who's in the same boat as you are, but even then they could be of any skill level since the Global Smash Power is no indication of skill level.

I can say that there are multiple filters that are being applied to finding the matches now.

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Therefore, an MMR system linked only to online play is necessary. However, an easily viewable MMR system actually deincentivises lots of players from playing.

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From the developter's standpoint, that's what smash is all about. This isn't innately a bad thing, because it keeps the ranked online play focused on players who are serious about getting good at the game.

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If you have anything you'd like to share, please do. However, it is proven easier to level up in the SG than to level down.

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It's basically required for proper matchmaking in all multiplayer games, so no big surprise. A lot of the egregious wait times came in the past week, where several Wars were being made manually.

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Good players who don't enjoy Home Run Contest and Break the Targets would be punished for practicing on the online lobby, since they're routinely get placed against worse players who just started, while singleplayer-preferring smashers would have to go up against opponents who have had the time to raise their Smash Ranking.

In other words, if I'm playing online, I expect that to have an affect on matchmaking. He's coming out of Mousid Gym and that's a place which has produced some great fighters over the years.

I think, for any game, it will always be better to go to tournaments or go online, find likeminded players who want to get better just as you do, and play friendlies with them, than it will be to use online matchmaking.

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It's probably because of the win rate in 10 matches value, I dunno. Zeeper After Glory 20 matchmaking few months of playing 1v1, I found a general idea of how the matchmaking works in 4G. It's the ELO system, with a few changes to fit best Smash 4's multiplayer.