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Constant stress in children disrupts brain development and compromises its normal function. However, too much stress is detrimental to a person.

Murphy, From my research, I have known that the major sources of stress are those that come from the environment, from the inner self, physiological self, and the social self. They have to navigate through classes in a new format while living away from all the comforts of parents.

Their findings revealed that among the top sources of stress for college students of varied gender and age are changes in sleeping and eating habits, type of work and new responsibilities.

It was also mentioned in the article that the majority of the college students that are suffering from stress are freshmen as they try to excel academically and at the same time, they try to cope or adjust to their new environment.

Effects of College Stress

They should be given proper feedback on their performance to avoid the build-up of stress. First of all, the most important stress for college students is the cramming of examination.

However, statistics indicate that stress also affects children. Stress can interfere with the general life of a person. Along with problems in academics, college students seem to suffer more from a lot of stresses from other people and also from their environment.

The first answer that comes in my mind is through the company of their friends.

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Children face intense pressure from their environment. Students who do not feel helpless will adopt their own coping strategies.

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This includes different practices such as meditation, yoga, and muscle relaxing activities. It is wise to note that lecturers and teachers should be paid well so that they can teach well Neal, Stress can be caused by both negative and positive situations.

Cortisol hormones, which are released as a result of Pneumatic hook up, suppress the body immune system. It was very stressful and in envy of other wealthy students at that time.

You may feel angry, frustrated, scared, or afraid. Research has indicated that there are number of causes of childhood stress which are interrelated. One such way is that they are joining academic organizations in order to gain access to academic archives that can help them to understand their academics better.

On the other hand, inner self sources are those types that depend on how you react or cope with other stresses. Those who find exams a stress will do an exam quickly so that they can get rid of the stress.

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Children at puberty yearn for freedom. My parents supported only my school tuition.

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Effects of StressOne of the vital issues surrounding stress is how it affects the student's ability to learn. In fact, due partially to stress, an unexpectedly high percentage of college freshmen drop out of their school. There are those types that study in the morning and are working during night, like in the call centers or fast food restaurants.

Here comes the concept of home sickness especially for the case of freshmen since they are not used too in living far away from their home.

Essay sample on Cause and Effects of Stress in Children

For the case of stress brought about by the feeling of being alone and being home sick which is experienced mostly by freshmen students, most students relieved themselves of this stress by establishing Essay on stress in college good relationship with their dormmates, roommates, and fellow students.

Considering the place where he lives, a student that came from a far place, upon entering college, will be staying in a dormitory or a house near the school.

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In that way, the stress on working college students was determined. The first thing that a student who has a lot of problems will do is to talk to his friends and consult with them on what to do. Upon knowing the different sources and effects of stress for college students, the next question to be answered is, how does college students relieved themselves of these stresses or one way of stating this would be, how do college students cope up with these kind of stresses?

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Events such as accidents, loss of loved ones, and rejection are also causes of stress in children. The academic support that can be given by the organization to the student, the self belongingness that can result from interacting with other people and the emotional stability that can be brought by that relationship are the major effect that this type of coping can give to a college student.

This is especially through for Freshmen College students who are coping with the lifestyle to get good grades and for graduating students whoa re doing a lot of work and passing terrible amount of requirements.