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When Ally says "I must be the worst dancer in the history of dancing" Austin tries to cheer her up. Ally was trying to prove to Austin that she was fun by coloring outside of the lines.

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The way he said "sure" sounded like he really wanted to dance with her. Throughout the series, it is expressed that he always wanted to be a musical artist.

When Austin tries to make Ally more fun by setting up strobe lights, he grabs her hand and spins her towards him, and for a moment, Ally was pressed against him.

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She played the child role of Keira Knightley 's character in the film The Jacket and had a small flashback role in the film Superbad. Austin's parents are Mimi and Mike Moon and he is an only child.

When Austin was telling the gang he didn't want to be famous without his friends, he was looking mostly towards Ally.

However, the plan backfires when the show suggests bringing the show to Austin and watching him perform from the campground. The video currently holds over 50 million views. Initially she was cast in the pilot episode, " Batteries ", as the child version of Sarah Silverman, and the writers liked her so much they brought her back for a larger role as a girl Sarah coaches to win a beauty pageant " Not Without My Daughter ".

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When Ally was showing Austin their new song, they share a moment on the piano. The show also provides listeners tips on how one can pursue a career in music. Austin says she can trust him.

He often would watch performances on New Years television events and dream of being as successful as one of the performers when he grew up. When Trish and Dez told Ally she needed to hurry up and write a song for Austin before people forgot him, Austin defended her and told them to cut her some slack.

Austin and Ally both said they had a good time. Ally doesn't want to hurt Austin's feelings by telling him that the people aren't really coming to see him. Her bigger roles in television have been in Without a Trace and other shows.

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Austin tells Ally that its okay, possibly so that she wouldn't be so upset. While Austin was dipping Ally, he gripped her tightly.

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When Ally's nervous to play the piano for Austin while he performs on The Helen ShowAustin tells her she'll do great and winks at her. Austin feels bad for stealing Ally's song and wants to make it up to her.

At age 5, Marano began expressing interest in acting professionally to her parents along with her older sister Vanessawho is also an actress.

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Austin and Ally slow dance together at the Quinceanera. Ally tried to comfort Austin by telling him that H8ter Girl's website wasn't very popular.

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They both smiled at each other when they were dancing. Austin accepted Ally's apology in the end and they all fist bumped. Contents [ show ] Personality Austin is a carefree teenager who loves music and loves to have fun.

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Ally said she better keep holding on to Nelson, but when Austin walked in she said "Austin, hey", and walked over to him Scottysire and allicattt dating Nelson to fall.

Ally was upset that Austin didn't like the song, and wanted him to tell the truth. He also has a very sweet and kind heart and is very respectful to people he encounters. Marano has since appeared in several episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program.

Austin apologizes for rushing Ally to write a new song. After Ally does her red carpet walk, she looks at Austin, and when he tells her she should walk in from the side entrance, she playfully hits him on the chest and rolls her eyes.

Austin wants to help Ally be more fun.