Girly Juice - My purse is full of lipsticks and dildos. Girly Juice - My purse is full of lipsticks and dildos.

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Like other dynamics, punishments are typically given for littles who break the rules and can range from spankings to loss of privileges. They are his most prized possession and a work of art, not in terms of physical appearance, but showing his skill and care as a Dominant.

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The net effect would be about the same. Engaging in incest roleplay is not uncommon though and should not be judged. The Big can be of any gender and age group.

Being a Daddy is more than sex and having the ability to control. About this list[ edit ] This is by far the most edited page on this wiki.

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Both are embarrassingly loud, especially at the higher speeds. Some of these blogs are or contain punishment logstoo. A Libertine's Spanking She's a libertine. No matter how taboo the roleplay or fantasy, it's harmless as long as no one is being abused.

A Day in the Life A blog about the life of a "spanked wife and mother".

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A New Chapter After 25 years of marriage, Mrs. A Master's Kitty Zoe and D have been together for just two months, but they can both already tell that this is the start of an amazing, finally fulfilling relationship. The punishment is not about giving pleasure through pain but it's teaching a lesson and conditioning, providing an action and a lecture as to why it was wrong and what they can do differently to behave better.

A Princess This member of the royal family likes spankings. A Girl Gone Bad Kellyn's quest for the perfect spanking last entry: A Devoted Wife A full time mommy, loving wife, and home maker spends her days homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, and fulfilling her duties as woman of the household.

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We do not condone the acts of pedophilia and the exploitation of children in any way. DD is the caring, consensual use of discipline as a consistent and positive way to enhance communication, deepen intimacy and reinforce relationship commitment.

She is the one who will be doing the ass blistering! That secret is that she loves getting spanked.

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Not all littles are ageplayers, and not all ageplayers are submissives. But the Cowgirl is bigger and heavier than the Sybian so this is trickier to manage.

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A Disciplined Life A young woman's personal spanking photoblog. No one is sexualizing children and the dynamic is not pedophilia.

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He is the rock and foundation of the family and her place is beneath him. There is no enjoyment in being disappointed and let down, having to correct behavior, or see their little cry with shame.