How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend – and Impress Her! How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend – and Impress Her!

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According to dating experton the first date, you just need to be quiet and listen. Your date will love that you have creative ideas and came up with something different than just the traditional first date.

Instead on the door for her, pull the chair for her.

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But she knows those feelings already. On a date, just focus on your date, if you do want to impress her.

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Touching too much shows that you are just lusting over her and you do this on every first date. She may just end up feeling awkward or decline accepting something extravagant. One thing you really need to do is keep your Dating tips to impress a girl aside.

Contributor The first impression is the most important one and can make or break a potential new relationship. They turn the conversation into their monolog and talk only about themselves enumerating their virtues.

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Look decent and smart, spend some money on your looks. Take her out on a fun date.

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Dating Tips Like all women, Ukrainian girls have a number of requirements for their potential partners. Pick up something nice and special that can create a memory and last for a long time, like a little glass or porcelain figurine, a jewelry trinket box, a harmonica, or something else that connects both of you in some manner.

Even if you are a shy guy just try to speak in front of her. Many girls will actually let their guard down more with a shy guy, feeling that the situation is not threatening.

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So what are the things that girls notice on a date? Tell her about yourself also, but don't go overboard. This will help you keep the conversation going and eliminate any awkward silences.

Look for the hotel which you can afford, else go somewhere else.

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Dress for the occasion. Arrive 5 minutes early or at least on time. But can you call back your waiter and ask him for more flowers on your table? Rich jokes and timely witty remarks are admired. They assume that asking a girl out will give her more power in the relationship and make her the dominant and controlling one.

Excelling at a sport, music or another hobby will draw intrigue while providing another window for a girl to see who you are. But if you want to impress a Ukrainian womanyou should pay attention to different aspects — from your appearance to behavior.

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So are you a smooth talker? Go figure about big brands. Touch should be friendly and natural, not sexual. If you are touching her a lot on the first date just to show that you are interested in her, then you are putting an opposite impact on her.

Making a girl wait on the first date is a big turn off!

Love is mutual and giving. Thank her for giving her time to you, tell her how much you enjoyed spending time with her. But for that, you have to master the first date.

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No girl would ever like that!