Steve Pemberton defends Peter Kay tour cancellation. Steve Pemberton defends Peter Kay tour cancellation.

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Jill got suspicious and followed him to the estate. Lily wanted Wesley, so it didn't really help their relationship.

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Neil called Jill and explained, and Cat lady online dating told him where she was and that Colin had the twins on an airstrip. Dru finally took off with Lily for the runways of Paris and filed for divorce.

Lily flunked out of college, and was not eating due to pressure from Chloe about her figure, then discovered she was pregnant.

After some soul-searching, Lily decided to go back to college and model as a part time job.

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So they had concocted the plan to give Jill and Kay a new son in Cane, expecting to make them all happy.

Further investigation found no evidence, even Kevin's computer was wiped clean. Katherine stayed home for Delia's birthday party. Lily kept seeing and talking with Cane at his funeral, then again at home where she made peace with him, making sure that he knew that she still loved him despite all the lies.

But instead they ran away together in Lily's car.

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While visiting his mother Gloria in jail, Kevin met the woman posing as Kay Chancellor. When she turned her down explaining that she was getting too attached to them, Lily asked Traci, and she accepted in memory of Colleen.

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Meanwhile "Caleb" met with his mother, Genevieve, who reminded him that she was in charge, as she recalled witnessing Caleb shoot at Cane years ago, but Samantha had been killed instead.

They went out together to Gloworm on New Year's Eve, but decided that the party and meal was too fancy for them, and left for home to celebrate there instead. Kevin showed up at long lost half-brother Michael Baldwin's office expecting legal help.

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Thinking she was pregnant and he needed to know, Lily asked Cane to stop by and see her. When Neil showed up at Kevin's, and Lily disappeared down the fire escape. About that time, Chloe walked in the door of the cabin, and before she could Dating ring ceo lauren kay the conversation, went into labor.

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Lily felt great after her first treatment, then crashed feeling sick and having hot flashes. A sonogram confirmed that the twins Mac was carrying were boy and girl.

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Daniel confessed to Lily that Lucy Abbott was his daughter, but he swore he would never let them know. The next day, Chloe confessed to Cane that her baby was not his, and Billy walked in to verify that he was the reluctant father.

Jill asked Colin to move back in with her at the Chancellor estate.

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Daniel tried to reassure Lily, and kissed her as he left.