Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation by Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation by Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

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As noted in our opening comments, fascination with Revelation is an extremely widespread phenomenon in American Christianity. The coming of Christ for the church is the Neronic persecution of A.

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Moule in our own day. He argues that the seven-sealed scroll is God's divorce decree against his unfaithful Old Testament wife Israel so that he might take a new bride, the Church Rev.

Yet after leaving the city, he left Timothy in charge of the church and made no reference to the presence of John the Apostle and his influence on the church. Then Gentry has a lengthy discussion of the silence of the rest of the NT regarding the destruction of Jerusalem, [63] during which he apparently accepts dates prior to 70 for all four gospels, including the Gospel of John, and the rest of the NT canon.

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A Reformed Critique, ed. All he can see in it is judgment against them and the "privilege" of being clearly distinguished from Judaism forever.

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The next reigning emperor, Galba, reigned but six months, the shortest reigning emperor until that time. The answer is that he would not have, but he did, so John had not yet arrived in Asia. A very solid work.

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Write a headline for your review here: Or, maybe a third Great Awakening will usher in the Golden Age of the church. I attribute this to his right-brain orientation.

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The Apocalypse computes time either relatively to the divine apprehension as here and in The teaching of Christ's imminent return is not about setting a time limit on when He will come.

Thomas Nelson, The first century tribulation paradigm is a profoundly different eschatology than that held by most American evangelical Christians that the tribulation and rapture haven't yet occurred. Ragan Ewing in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary, a bastion of dispensational thinking.

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He tries to defend this by citing several ancient sources, [54] but the fact is that Rome was a Republic, ruled by the First Triumvirate, in the days of Julius Caesar and became a Principate under Augustus and the emperors that followed him. Farrar in the last century, and J.

This is indeed a puzzling picture. God's own Word sets the record straight. Robinson, no conservative himself, comes to some startling conclusions in his groundbreaking book Redating the New Testament. The Framework Hypothesis v. The Divorce of Israel: This in itself illustrates that "soon" is a relative term with a good bit of elasticity.

A Festschrift for Greg L.

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Several months ago, I went with one of my sons and two of my grandsons on the new "Back to Ang dating pangalan ng iraq Future" experience on the lot of Universal Studios in Burbank. Strangest of all, though, is Gentry's unfulfilled obligation to explain what a reference to Rome is doing in the midst of a chapter dealing with Babylon, which he takes to represent Jerusalem.

Yet Paul did not lay down strict guidelines that Christ had to come before he died. Also available in Kindle format at Amazon.

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Gentry is perhaps best known for his book Before Jerusalem Fellwhich argues that the Book of Revelation was written before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. If Revelation's judgments are yet to occur and lie in our future, then we must expect and prepare for the worst.

Gentry holds that the theme of Revelation is Christ's judgment coming against those who pierced him Rev 1: He identifies the cloud coming against the Jews as the judgment against Judea in