How To Calculate And Maximize Your Sexual Market Value How To Calculate And Maximize Your Sexual Market Value

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Within the Physical Appearance category, there are two sub-components: Test for Asian Men is getting slammed! Geek is not chic despite the bullshit women tell you, they are much more superficial then men are. One area I used to be weak in was fitness.

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Perhaps the more important of these two is Natural Physical Attractiveness, because there's not a lot we can do if someone was born unattractive, so once again we can assign the following weights within the Looks category: The more real and honest your answer, the more accurate your score and how you rank in the eyes of women will be.

You can either use your general looks and amplifier rankings or the modified version tailored to the women you want.

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Your GAME Breakdown The chart is pretty straightforward follow the example outlined in the table to get your score per category and add them together for a total of For more on how to max out these areas see the resources section at the end of the article.

In one day this guy went from unfuckable to a legitimate sexual option for women. So be brutally honest as you answer these 40 questions. For example, wearing colored eye contacts will turn on some girls while freaking out others.

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Here is the same chart above but modified for specific women: Once the age factor is accounted for, we can then arrive at the final value for how a person is treated by society in the dating marketplace. Some of you guys might have as much as 5 points to improve if you really get it together.

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Even without his fame this guy is a The good thing is outside of your race everything is within your control to a degree. Even if you just want to maintain girls in your harem adding some relationship skills goes a long way in terms of retention.

The truth is everything matters.

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Despite what many PUAs tell you money and status are very real factors in the real world. If you want to consistently date 9s you have to become a 9 or at least a 9 to her.

Your sexual market value as a potential boyfriend including relationship skills Each table has a straightforward category and ranking system adding up to a number from except for amplifiers which allows for bonus points.

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Obesity is an automatic 1 and is something completely within your control.