Fleetwood Mac announces 2 Upstate New York shows for Fleetwood Mac announces 2 Upstate New York shows for

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Upstate NY Regions

It doesn't get any better than upstate New York. I live the slogan "I love NY". Professional Guide, never left, never will, My family has traveled here before the Revolutionary War; the scouts turned to guides and we've been here ever since.

We love New York Wines, I feel safe where I live, no earth quakes, freeky forest fires, hurricanes, seldom have tornados, alligators, sharks, avalanches and the crime rate here is pretty low.

They also want to transform the entire site with green space, courtyards and a bike path. It's where family is, the best food Dino's sausage, raspberry sherbert strawberry here and Heluva Onion Dip, you miss the Dating in upstate new york things the most.

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It truly is a place of beauty. The people seem to be "a simple people" with love of life, home, family and friends and with all the stress in our American lives these days, they are still able to smile, nod, or wave and even say "hello, how are you today?

I used to cross the creek and made sure I walked carefully so I wouldn't slip and fall on the slippery rocks that may have algae on it or walk in the seaweed and have a crayfish swim by your feet and nip at your toes. Upstate is the perfect setting and it has the most superlative people I ever met.

The autumn display of the forest splendor is fabulous. I now live in TX. In the spring and summer when all the beautiful flowers are out and everything is green.

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It doesn't get any better! Feeling the cool breeze from the mountains rush across your face. The sites are so desirable that you have to enter a lottery in order to 'win' the opportunity to reserve a site for 1 week from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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The glorious scenes of the mountains, the serenity amongst other things pushes me to return. This summer, federal environmental officials took samples from the site, a key step toward figuring out how big the cleanup will be. I miss the long cold winters, friendly people and the Delaware County Fair where I use to have a ball as a teenager.

Yet, we longed to be back in NY.

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The country side, lakes, food and people are great here. I would love to be back in upstate New York.

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It is sure to take his breath away. Jane Doe I moved 15 years ago with the "grass is always greener" syndrome.