Dating a guy with a PhD when I don't have one? : AskMen Dating a guy with a PhD when I don't have one? : AskMen

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Fang Hongjian is a Chinese international student who obtains a fake PhD degree oversea.

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It sounds to me more of a control issue and emotional insecurity than anything. I think they only require that extra work of students who need it, like when some kids had to go to summer school in order to graduate from high-school. Good men will come out of the woodwork to find a goddess like you.

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I simply urge patience in educating ignorant perspectives. If your relationship is going to work, there needs to be mutual interest and respect for both of your lifestyles.

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He holds a Master of Arts in political science and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in political science. That's another thing to avoid, at least for a certain kind of person.

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Thank you for your feedback! Her PhD is still a part of who she is, just as a freckle, brown eyes or any other characteristic. Any man who insists on mortifying your self-esteem and self-respect so that his can remain in tact is not worth it.

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It doesn't have to be a whirlwind trip to the Amalfi Coast. I suppose the PhD students are quite brave, dedicated and focused individuals who persevere and achieve what they want. She feels intimidated by his intelligence: Is this answer still relevant and up to date?

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I am David Tian, Ph. You can change the subject to whatever you like in that situation. However, once a relationship with Mr Smartypants is under foot, often she unconsciously starts to compare and compete with him.

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I learned this view from home. I love smart women.