10 Reliable Plumbing Services in Singapore. 10 Reliable Plumbing Services in Singapore.

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A rare Mullard 12AT7 made for the British military in the s. Better stock up, these are an endangered species!

2. Plumber Singapore

Once on site, the plumber will analyze the problem and quote a price, gather required materials, solve the issue and clean up after they are finished. I'd recommend all owners of this gear to do the same. Very quiet and sweet sounding tubes.

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The shield logo or small print white label appeared only on very early Mullard tubes. Highlights Professional, prompt and reliable service: These are the very rare pinched glass waist, D-getter versions that sound superb! There are two types of plumbing services in Singapore.


These are long-lived and sweet in hi-fi applications. Not often in stock. Great packing on these tubes by the way.

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High demand tube, getting hard to find. There are four exquisitely designed bedrooms with their own bathrooms and several areas for children to sleep, play, watch a movie or exercise.

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Ladder type long plates, fine old British tubes. With over 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry, CC Plumbing offers exceptional service, and an exhaustive list of plumbing services.

These have the very scarce Whyteleafe "A" factory mark which made select tubes only for the military.

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These have the silver Tektronix Checked Tube labels and were selected for low noise and critical use in Tektronix test equipment. Dating back to antiquity, and having been brought to this country by pioneer Finns, its value for exhilaration, relaxation, and just plain enjoyment has been so widely recognized in tense, modern living that it has been adopted by people in every walk of life.

1. CC Plumbing Services

All in original British military boxes, all UK factory date coded! If anything fails or the issue persists, they will return to make it right with no additional charge.

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Local building or fire officials should be consulted concerning restrictions and installations and inspection requirements. BIG stock just in!

Used in British military radar installations. The tube of choice for classical, jazz, male vocals, and choral music.