9 Reasons to Date the Free-Spirited Hippy Guy 9 Reasons to Date the Free-Spirited Hippy Guy

Dating a free spirit man, we'd love to hear what you have to say!

They will never try to change you. But when the time comes, they will let it go and move on.

Are You Dating A Free Spirit? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

But we take a stand when our beliefs set us apart. We might surprise you. But not about grades, money, or life. A real spirit will have mental breakdowns and cry when they are sad.

They give everybody a chance. They do things at their own pace. We like to appreciate the little miracles in life, like making wishes when we blow on dandelion seeds or loose eyelashes.

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A free spirit cares about the right things. And we look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Embrace free thinking with us. But most of all, they live their life knowing that they might not make it to 70 before they die.

They worry about what they believe in. We like to focus on what everyone else ignores. Sometimes we wander and end up in unusual places. You can expand our horizons, but we are who we are.

Yes, free spirits have feelings. We act spontaneously, and time goes by quickly. It makes you a knock off. We live in the moment. We go with the flow, but we also set the current. Because they are able to love every day, they are able to spread this vibe to others without trying.

17 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Free Spirit

We avoid drama and conflict. They worry a lot.

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This is how you want to live your life, not because you WANT to be a free spirit so, you pretend to be like this. They wear simple clothing and lots of flowers in their hair, or none at all because they want to.

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Just keep these things in mind. We have hungry minds, so we like trying out new things and experiences. Distractions are portals of discovery for us.

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We need to feel like life is a spacious room that we can move around freely in. If you are a Dating a free spirit man, and they love you. Take a risk on us.

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But it makes Dating website mangalore interesting. They just try to be optimistic about it. Sometimes it seems time ticks to a different rhythm in our universe.

Forgiving and forgetting is important.

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They smell all the flowers, not just the roses. Not because Free People portrays their models like that in their magazines. So what are you waiting for?