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Dance academy tara and christian dating. When do christian and tara date on dance academy

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Who is tara reid dating? These events prompts Christian to admit his feelings for her, but Tara says she only sees him as a friend.

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Ultimately, Christian scores a contract with the Company, but after the Samuel Lieberman Memorial Studio is created, he decides to teach there rather than accept the Company's offer.

She offers to let him spend the holiday at her house again, but instead of spending the holiday with her, Christian goes on the road with his father. Christian and Kat eventually became a couple, and Tara gave her blessing to their relationship.

They are so happy as a couple that Miss Raine feels they need to focus on their ballet more, and Tara agreed and put their relationship on a 'pause'.

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Ben is Romeo with Grace as Juliet. Afterwards, Tara begins to exhibit jealousy over the girls fawning over Christian. At the beginning of first year, she had never danced with a boy before.

Later, the two go to the beach together, and he kisses her, leading to the pair starting a relationship. She rejected you because you blamed her that it was her fault that you's broke up when all she did was try to get to know you.

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I missed her so much that the hole time she was gone I was to busy talking to Kaylah about Tara to her.

Though he does leave, he promises Tara she'll see him again for third year. It's just you and me. So that's why in this life I dance. Tara asks him out but Ben says that she is on a "friend ladder" and that she couldn't cross to the "girlfriend ladder," but Ben actually really enjoys her company and starts to develop feelings for her.

I'll say thank you that I knew him.

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I have a sister who I would trust with my life. Film[ edit ] On 22 Aprila feature film adaption of Dance Academy was announced along with other feature film projects to have received funding from Screen Australia.

Due to tragic events, the couple is back on shaky ground.

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