22 Fun Games For Couples To Play 22 Fun Games For Couples To Play

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Finding Purpose and Passion in Everyday Work You invest a significant part of your life working…it matters.

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Devotions for Men Devotions written specifically for men. Sproul Do you know what you believe, and why it's important?

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Sometimes at night before we fall asleep, we pray out loud. Turning toward each other means making each other your number one priority.

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Women of the Bible An inspiring weekly devotional that introduces you to the many women of the Bible. Now we try to pray out loud together daily.

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But without the ability to communicate and negotiate, these issues become sources for power struggles that almost always damage the relationship. How to Live the Bible Knowing the Bible is important, but living the Bible is the real goal of a life of vital faith.

While one person has the floor, the other person can only listen by repeating back or paraphrasing what the other person said. Adventure Bible Family Devotions An exciting fictional story suitable for reading as a family and with young children.

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The Ministry Advantage A weekly mentoring newsletter to encourage and equip Christian leaders. Taking walks together, drinking coffee together after dinner, learning Torah together, and listening to music together, are all examples of how couples turn toward each other.

Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer.

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Daily Meditations Dating russian girl reddit God's Presence Short, encouraging pieces of daily theological insight from the Tabletalk Devotions newsletter.

Praying Your Way to Spiritual Empowerment How can a prayer-filled life empower you to bring about the kingdom of God in your community, your church, and your home?

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Plan to do something both of you really enjoy, rather than feeling stuck two days before your anniversary arrives and then running out to get some flowers. Inspirational Devotions Devotions that will inspire, encourage, and comfort you as you face life's everyday challenges.

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You'll learn how a quiet focus on Scripture can transform your mind and heart. Elated dogs jump all over their masters and lick them. Habit 5 — Constantly Turn Toward Each Other, Rather Than Away When you pass your spouse sitting at her desk doing some work, do you stop and rub her shoulders, give her a kiss on the cheek, and whisper something nice in her ear — or do you just walk on by?

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Grace for the Moment If you love the writings and teachings of Max Lucado, you'll love this day reading plan. Only after each person has been fully "heard," do you then proceed to problem solving.