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A large number of neighborhoods have local traditions and scheduled events, and cultural offerings abound through theaters and museums. Charlottesville, Virginia Home to the University of Virginia, we kick off our list with Charlottesville.


For those out of school, numerous science institutes, local artisanal movements, and tech companies call Boulder home. Art, seafood, microbreweries, and coffee make Tacoma a joy similar to Seattle, just a bit smaller. Singles will have no problem finding exciting and romantic things to do in Athens.

Please be inclusive with question phrasing. The downtown mall, one of the longest outdoor pedestrian malls in the nation, rolling vineyards, and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains make Charlottesville a beautiful spot with great livability.

1. Madison, Wisconsin

Links MUST be accompanied by a summary. Gainesville, FL Gainesville was the 2nd fastest-growing city in the nation fromhighlighting a large growth in working-age population, employment, and median income.

While the University of Georgia is the largest employer in the town, healthcare and heavy industry feature heavily on the largest employers list. Opt out or contact us anytime W.

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Corvallis is known for high life-expectancy, tons of parks, and a high quality of living. Ames, IA Ames is home to Iowa State University, many big employers, and a great standard of living for a smaller town. Those who have come to love Gainesville cite near tropical weather, natural beauty, a strong business climate, and lots of entertainment options as reasons to love the city.

As one might expect, along with prominent artistic and cultural events, Amherst is also a center of liberal politics.

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We recognize that everyone values different things in their college towns, but in an effort to establish diversity of views in the ranking of college towns, we have decided on the above criteria as a valuable way to highlight the towns that truly are a great part of our college experience, before, during, and after school.

The Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit connects the three campuses of West Virginia University and downtown, providing a unique public transit option with good coverage of the town. If you want the cultural offerings of a world class university town without the traffic, urban sprawl, and high cost of living, Champaign-Urbana is the place for you.

As our 1 best Nuts magazine dating town for dating, Tempe truly does provide Colleges with best dating scene students the best there is.

Ann Arbor, MI Roughly one out of two Ann Arbor residents are students during the school year, setting the stage for a college town feel. Due to a stable economy, good schools, and size, Lincoln has been considered one of the most welcoming cities for immigrants and those moving from elsewhere in the US for many years.

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General Motors, as well as four major national insurance companies call East Lansing and Lansing home. State College is fairly medium sized compared to other cities on our list, with metro area population coming in aroundAs a fashion merchandising major, she said, she can only hope the odds improve when she graduates and moves to New York.

Beautiful Georgian architecture and the basketball powerhouse Tar Heels are infectious.

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Downvote only to indicate that either a comment or post does not add to discussion; not to indicate disagreement. With close to two students for every non-student, Blacksburg is definitely centered around college life.

For being relatively small, Bozeman offers an astounding number of coffee shops, bars, art galleries and restaurants, and cultural offerings are always present at the university.

As the article now states, it was her characterization of some other people's attitudes. As with many cities attracting young talent, Gainesville is also a growing startup hub, the poster child of which is the music startup Grooveshark. Located across the Bay from Silicon Valley, Berkeley is a great place for the young or technically savvy.

Many women eagerly hit the library on Saturday night. The University of Vermont, Burlington College and Champlain College round out the student population in this college town.

2. Tempe, Arizona

Berkeley, CA Berkeley is a town consumed by an emblematic university, and connected to the big city. East Lansing, MI Directly adjacent to the capital of Michigan LansingEast Lansing is an important economic center and home to two medical schools, one veterinary school, two law schools, and Michigan State University.

Provo, Utah Stats time: Whether you are a woman or a man, please do not speak for all women. Boulder, CO Boulder is known as a hip and healthy town with a hippy past and great views of the Flatirons.

State College, PA Through recent years, State College has been known as one of the smartest towns in America, one of the best music scenes in the country, and one of the safest small towns in the country—not bad, eh?

Local employers like 3M, the U.