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Was this page useful? Kasandra Scarlet, red, is an A-list movie star whose past haunts her. Make homemade soap or body scrub Great for handing out as Christmas presents.

Other Religious Party Games

Dance Praise If you have some video game fans in attendance or guests who just love to dance, the Dance Praise series should keep them entertained. Then give them a monthly budget and have them figure out exactly how much they can spend on rent, utilities, food, car payments, entertainment.

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John Green, indicated by the green pawn, is a smooth talker. We kept the girls all together, Rexburg dating they made stops at every station.

He's a simple, intelligent man and good-natured at heart, but he likes to steal his own things. White Blanche White is the maid of the manor whose pawn color is white, and isn't exempt from any accusations.

Best Girl Games

Victor Plum, purple, is a billionaire video game designer who is embracing his new popularity. He left it up all month long. Your job, Candyland dating service a player, is to figure out who acted on that motive and how he or she did it, which makes for an entertaining game that is different each time you play.

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These games follow the same rules as the originals but replace generic topics with religion-themed cards. Everyone picks an item, then split them into groups.

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How many times will they go to the movies? I had them pair up if mom has two daughters that works too When the time is up, pass your paper to the right, and the next person has to continue on with the storyline.

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Was this page useful? I asked the girls 10 questions, edited the answers together, added some music, some photos of the girls with their mothers when they were younger, and played it for all to see.

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Template downloaded and modified from here. Here are some ideas of cheap and easy presents we brought. Her latest dead husband's estate is almost all gone because she must maintain an extravagant lifestyle.

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Commercials Bring a ton of props stuffed animals, blankets, sports equipment, dress up clothing and add to your stash by having the girls bring one item of their choosing. Dating Panel combined activity As youth we spend so much time planning on where we'll go to school, what job we'll have, where we'll live, but what about who we'll marry?

Players must follow the on-screen pattern, using their feet to step on the dance pad's directional arrows. What qualities did you first notice about your future spouse? Basic Car Maintenance Changing a tire, checking oil, jump starting a battery.

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Grandparents of the Ward Social The girls invited the "mature" adults in the congregation to bring something from the past that meant a lot to them.

Looking back, what are some traits that should've been important for you to look for? Jewish kids may enjoy a trip to Kosherland instead of Candyland. Healthy eating How to read food labels, the dangers of extreme fad diets, and the importance of exercise.

It's also very easy to make your own Bingo cards featuring pictures or words related to your party occasion. That unicorn on the corner was a little somethin' extra "that's not magic - that's the Spirit!

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