Is it possible to be 'just friends'? - CNN Is it possible to be 'just friends'? - CNN

Can you be just friends after dating, make sure the feeling is mutual

Avoid alone time When you first begin hanging out with her again, do so with a group of common friends. Friendship only works when both people agree.


This is usually a good sign. It was amazing week to week to have that hour to sit down and really be able to reflect and have a third party to help you organize and sort through what happened and give you that objective advice.

And sometimes, all you want to do is get things back to the way they once were. They began adding new posts about the relationship only after the 40 days were up. Two friends from New York City decided to try dating -- and blog about it The blog, 40 Days of Dating, details their relationship, which began in March Blogger: Those types of people are hard to come by, and it makes sense to keep them around whenever possible.

why stay friends?

Check out these tips and learn how to go back to being "just friends. Having a friend with benefits can be a win-win situation, but when the sexual part of the relationship fizzles, things can get weird. It hasn't been easy. Each time we read each other's, we're reliving the day in a way.

We're very different though; I'm more outgoing, she's more reserved.

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Ask yourself the following questions: You're obviously both creative people, and the site itself is very artistically driven. I was just like, "Let's try this.

In some of the more emotional days, it brings back everything. But the issue isn't so black and white if the girl in question started out as a close friend to begin with. They would go on at least three dates a week.

I have girlfriends that I consider just girls who are friends now, but it's only because I've been with them before or they're in a relationship so you don't have to even think about it.

Can You Go Back To Being "Just Friends"? - AskMen

So, do you think men and women can ever be just friends? This isn't just about dating, that's not the point -- it's taking two mice with two different problems and seeing what happens. It only confuses people. When relationships develop beyond the casual stage, a friendship becomes much less likely.

We used it as a catalyst to work on our issues together; a safe space to work on our issues and also to help each other. Forty days is also the amount of time in several religions that it takes to break a bad habit. And in many situations, that maxim holds true.

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This worked because I let go of my feelings for him, and we went to school together and shared mutual friends. I have this kinship with her because of it, regardless of what happened or if we're together or we're not.

The best outcomes come from restraints. I had wanted it for a while. Remember, none of these scenarios are guaranteed to work out in these ways.

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The two friends met more than four years ago through New York City's graphic design community. There was a lot of push and pull because of it. The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Male-female friendship can be tricky, but both benefit from cross-sex buddyhood.

And in dating, sometimes you will meet people with whom you could actually envision being friends. We knew that if we didn't have rules in place, it would be very easy for us to skip by. However, even in that situation, you can never guarantee success.

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