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Bike week 10 speed dating, that joke ...

The front Dynohub is stamped "1 64" so I believe if that is the original wheel the bike is frombut I can't find any information on a speed "Sports" model, all I find is info on 3 speed Sports models.

Anyway, now to the important part. It was around this time that Frankie V.

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The ten-speed's narrow wheels, drop handlebars, and hand brakes were designed for speed and distance. This was also the year that Schwinn introduced the incomparable Sting-Ray. They couldn't keep up with demand.

West coast kids were putting "Texas longhorn handlebars" on old bikes in the style of the chopper motorcycle. I asked the owner if the bikes were for sale and when she said yes i walked over to take a look.

The cranks are stamped with the heron logo as well as the rear hub which has a lube port in the center covered by a metal loop. Schwinn's "lightweight" road bikes finally began to make headway as the 60s became the 70s, lead by the Varsity and the Continental both started life as 8-speeds.

I will post pics of the bike later tonight, but I was hoping to get some help from the community here on this particular bike.

Rather, it marked a return to cycling as real transportation. Like I said, this is a goldish colored men's lightweight speed bike.

The smaller rims made wheelies easier. It has Raleigh on the seat tube and "Sports" on the downtube.

And the durable Schwinns could still take a curb or even a homemade jump. It was an immediate and unqualified success.

The original "ten-speed", the Varsity was targeted at year olds and it was Schwinn's first derailleur bike that sold in significant numbers.

As Radio dating show the frame, it seems straight and true and has less scratches then I would expect for a bike that the women said her ex-husband commutted on to college. Copycats caught on quickly and "high-rise" bicycles accounted for more than half of all bicycle sales during the mid 60s.

This was an important moment for the cycling world, but its significance was slow to be realized.

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InSchwinn sold 1 million bikes in a single year. Schwinn gave it smooth tires and a banana seat with a sissy bar. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I believe it was a low end bike as it does not have boutique parts, but the front dynohub no lights on the bike and the fact that this is a speed Sports model is confusing.

I quickly ignored Bike week 10 speed dating one and looked at the other bike. The Supreme Court had ruled that Schwinn could not sell product to a distributor and then determine to whom the distributor could resell the product.

Schwinn sidestepped the ruling.

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While the numbers looked better than ever, Schwinn was no longer investing in the future. The new distribution warehouses were taking up resources as well.

Speed and Sting-Ray

He cut back on research and development and gave the spoils to sales and marketing. Adults, once again, had practical two-wheeled transportation, and the industry shifted again.

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One bike was a cheap women's bike made by Huffy. When sales of 10, of a particular model was a big year, Schwinn sold 45, Sting-Rays by the end of It was a grotesque distortion of the typical ride, even for a kids' bike. Schwinn died on April 19, at the age of 69 from prostate cancer.

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It has the Raliegh heron emblem riveted to the headtube and has the wrap around the seat collar seat stays.