10 Benefits of Shaving Your Head Completely Bald. 10 Benefits of Shaving Your Head Completely Bald.

Benefits of dating a bald man, the benefits of dating bald men

Bald men have more money than men with hair on their head.

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But even a bald man is only as effective as his job In addition, why would I pick a bald one that may end up being my husband and fear for the image and physical beauty of my would-be children.

I can't afford living without such a charm.

The benefits of going BALD: Men with less hair appear more intelligent, educated and honest

This is entirely different from that guy who grows a beard in an attempt to distract you from the fact that he is bald. Those dog days are over. Bald men can be wear the disguise of a sought after bad boy, only having a heart of gold and treating you like a princess, they appear more masculine, are taken more seriously in negotiations and there are so many more to choose from!

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What do most men do when they get in the shower? Most bald men are excellent conversationalists which is why they bed more women than Mr.

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Well, in the case of baldness, their intent is clear - they named our national bird after bald guys. Preferable to a man who spray tans, waxes and hogs the bathroom for two hours every morning.

What is the National Bird of America? It is true, dating is initially based on physical attraction but subconsciously we are seeking a healthy man to procreate.

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A woman feels financially secure and safe with a bald man. Add in not having to pay for hair gel and haircuts and it really starts to add up.

But the research suggests being exposed to high levels of testosterone from a young age might actually help to protect against the disease.

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Because of this, bald people know the importance of a full head-to-toe look, paying attention to the little details and accessories. Micheal Jordan - bald.

Huh, how would I feel when the sunlight reflects on his slippery head and spoils the image?

10 reasons bald men are sexier than men with hair.

This is especially true for bald women. You have hat sense. I don't imagine how I would react when someone laugh at him.

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Anything that adds more masturbation time to your schedule is a very special thing indeed. To expand—probably needlessly—on your question, I would date a bald woman. Bruce Willis wakes up like this every morning Picture: That just looks insecure. And these guys were pretty smart.

Judging men by their locks and you have less than 40 percent of the male population in your dating pool, scary statistics!