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After being late to work because of the theatrics the night before, Emilee promises Ayiiia that she's there for her and Ayiiia decides to be the stronger person and stick things out in the house.

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The one from the D. There was some bizarre hook-up they had but then I heard she was a lesbian so I don't know what that was about.

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Jonna eagerly awaits her boyfriend Matt's visit to Cancun, but when Matt's insecurities get the best of him, Jonna finds herself spending some quality time with another guy. After talking to friends from home, Jasmine decides she needs to cut back on drinking and Pat.

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When Ayiiia begins to miss her unsteady boyfriend Ryan, she sets her sights on Jonna, leading to a threesome between Pat, Jonna, and Ayiiia. When Maria moves on to the next topic, the feuds between the boys and the girls, it becomes too tense for Emilee and she walks off the set.

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When she was four, she was put into foster care and lived with a strict religious family. Back home in Massachusetts he was expelled from two different high schools, and eventually dropped out all together.

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But watch out, he's not afraid to be brutally honest about anything and everything. Although she's not completely certain she's made the right decision, Jonna still invites Pat over to spend the night.

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Jonna and CJ develop a flirtatious friendship, with Jonna promising that, were she to makeout with anyone besides her boyfriend, it would be CJ. Derek gets involved, telling Ayiiia, Jasmine and Emilee that they were out of line to wreck a thousand dollar guitar over tacos.

Ayiiia "disinvites" Jonna from the planned girls night out with Emilee and Jasmine.

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I have hooked up with chicks, but I have never dated any girls. Derek and his roommates head out on the town to celebrate his twenty-first birthday in style.

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Pat again spurns Jasmine's advances, leading Jasmine to have a huge meltdown later that night. After clubbing, the girls are inebriated.

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The kitchen is loaded with dirty dishes, and Ayiiia has the right to be mad at people not cleaning up after themselves, but her approach at asking for help was one of anger and edge.

Matt gets tearful when he has to say goodbye after his four day stay in Cancun.

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Bronne is thrilled to wake up with a hot girl in his bed — although Derek isn't so happy that they hooked up while he was in the room Bronne gives Joey permission to "poach" the second Playboy model he's met on the condition that Joey seals the deal within twenty-four hours.

I would think you would get tired of the drunken, hooking up bullshit after the age of Joey and Bronne are shocked when Christina not only fires Joey for missing his shift, but says he has to leave Cancun that same day.

The guys hope it doesn't take long.

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The roommates Dating site username advice aside their drama to go visit the DIF children's charity. I agree with you I think Jenn loved Rachel but some people will never accept being with another girl.

The guys appreciate the gesture and point out that Ayiiia's been responsible for most of the drama in the house.