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As a teenager in junior high school, she came to love mathematics and had a female math teacher who helped influence the way Professor Kilmer perceived mathematics.

I was born in India and immigrated to the USA with my parents at the age of 3. If she were to give advice to someone who wanted to become a mathematician, she would encourage them not to give up and keep pursuing what you like.

Your essay should be based primarily on an interview with a woman currently working in a mathematical career. I love to solve problems and approach them from different angles.

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Professor Kilmer says, "I want to turn my students on to mathematics, really getting them to see the value and power behind the tools they learn in the classroom, and get them excited about learning more.

Kilmer by Sana Ahmed As the world enters the new millennium, it increases its horizons in different branches of mathematics. My name is Rhitwika Sensharma.

She does outreach work with high school and elementary school students and tries to encourage them to go on to college and choose a math or science career. She says that research is particularly satisfying to her because she gets to see her work in action.

In college, she had mentors, men and women who respected her for her quality of work.

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This spring, she has been awarded one of two "Undergraduate Initiative in Teaching Awards" given to the junior faculty at Tufts "who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and advising students for academic and personal growth, and the ability to convey a passion and enthusiasm for their field of study.

She herself wants to be an example of persevering and helping others along the way, no matter how hard your path is. The essay should be approximately to words in length.

She feels that different fields can learn from one another and enjoys the constant simultaneous interaction with different subjects. She took math courses there and liked it very much. She has made a few mistakes in life, but has learned from them.


What do I need to submit? I am interested in mathematics, science and music. Once in her graduate studies, she felt that the environment around her changed for the better.

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What motivated your interviewee to pursue a career in the mathematical sciences? How would you feel if they all looked down on you because you were a female minority student? She persevered and moved on to the University of California at Berkley, one of the greatest institutions of higher studies.

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Information about the student: One woman mathematician, Misha E. When is the deadline? Instead of giving up and going back to the comfort of ordinary life, she went on to prove herself as a successful student and went ahead to organize groups and efforts to help others like her.

A biographical essay, based primarily on an interview, of approximately words in length, on a woman currently working in a mathematical career. Who can I write about?

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