Angelina Jolie dating rumors heat up, plus more celeb love news. Angelina Jolie dating rumors heat up, plus more celeb love news.

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Love also participated at Lockdown in the first ever "Queen of the Cage" match but was pinned by Laveaux.

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Immediately following the match, Vaine ordered the match to restart, resulting in Vaine pinning Williams. After the match Love and Sky were attacked by Rayne and the biker.

Love then lost to Gail Kim at Victory Road in a singles match.

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Some time later, the term "Mi Pi Sexy" became a nickname, thus being used occasionally on television. Love won a key by eliminating Lacey Von Erich, and it was later revealed that her key opened the box, which contained the Knockout Championship, making her a three-time champion.

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After the match, Richards and Love attacked Alisha and Eddie, with Love establishing herself as a villainess.

This led to the debut of Tara who laid out both Sky and Rayne and used her Widow's Peak finisher on Love, before accepting the challenge. She was released from her developmental contract one day later. Career match to win the Women's Knockout Championship for the fourth time.

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She did not reveal her bikini because Palmer Cannon interrupted, which led to a match that featured him and Tommy Dreamer. Knowing this, Love interfered in the Ladder Match to ensure Kim's victory and Roxxi's head being shaved bald. During the match, she was eliminated by Gail Kim and O.

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Love was the runner-up in the Make Over battle royal - ladder match at Sacrifice. The following week on Impact! During the match she suffered a concussion while receiving a crossbody.

The Governor, meanwhile, convinced the duo that they would have a makeover that would make them worthy of her cabinet; the makeover involved frumpy clothes, no make-up and unstyled hair.

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On February 22,Daffney Angelina love dating 2015 that Love would be making her debut in the all-female promotion Shine Wrestlingat the event Shine 8. Love and Sky entered a four—team tournament for the vacated Knockouts Tag Team Championship, defeating Sarita and Daffney in their first round match.

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Love narrowly escaped a somersault leg drop from Kong, and as she was recovering Love pushed her towards the cage while Sky pulled her frayed hair through the holes in the cage and tied her to it. Later in the show, Love attacked Rayne, after the two hugged, establishing herself as a heel in the process.

Young won the match via disqualification, after Love kicked him in the groin.

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After quickly defeating Bolt, Love questioned why Cute Kip was still appearing with them and officially fired him from the group. After the match, Love began a storyline in which she was being pursed by Romeo and Zoravar.