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After she starts dating Bridget's popular ex-boyfriend Kyle, her own popularity increases, and she begins to act a little more like her older sister. He and Cate knew each other in high school, and even dated.

Missy Kleinfeld, portrayed by Daniella Monet —is Rory's love interest in season two.

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Third season and cancellation[ edit ] Before Ritter's death, 8 Simple Rules ranked 42nd in the Nielsen ratings.

He becomes involved in money-making schemes with C.

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Along the way, they pick 8 rules for dating my daughter episodes C. She received her middle name "Stinky" as a result of her father promising his best friend he would name one of his children after him after accidentally stabbing him with a bayonet while they were drunk in Korea ; to hide this, she claims that the S stands for "Stacy.

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Bridget initially felt guilty about Paul's death because the last words she ever spoke to him were "I Sabbie colorate online dating you" after arguing with him earlier that morning, because he said no to her using the car.

Garner and Spade later received starring roles in order to fill the void left by Ritter for the remainder of the series' run. Nonetheless, he loves his children, and wants them to have happy futures. She takes a nursing job at the kids' school so she can work standard hours and spend more time with the kids.

Jim Egan, portrayed by James Garner —is Cate's father. After he enters high school, Rory matures, leaving C. He is the father of Donald "Donny" Doyle, who has dated Bridget for some time.

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Jim served in the Korean War and is proud of his service he angers whenever it is mentioned as a "police action". The series was shown on both these channels full uncut, despite the fact it was shown pre-watershed 9. Cate removes the picture and everyone is amazed but sad when they see "HI" carved into the wall.

He is a teacher at the school and often pursues women, albeit unsuccessfully.

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He constantly tattles on his sisters, getting twisted pleasure out of it, as per his remark when he had stirred the pot to his liking: He is divorced, having formerly resided in Florida before moving into Cate's basement, and often used to try to beat C.

Inthe show began airing in the UK on the Disney Channelwhich was edited for children's viewing. After Ritter's death, it had slipped to 50th, but was renewed for a third season, in which ABC moved the series to Friday at 8: Kerry is also very artistic and keeps a sketchbook.