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You grabbed a bag of chips from your nightstand that you kept there for whenever you were hungry and grabbed two water bottles that were stored next to the bag, handing one to Calum and he quickly opened the bag of chips.

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Your hands went to his pants and you slowly undid his trousers. I said I didn't like you, I love you.

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I know it sucks but its just something you've gotta accept. You shifted in his lap and sat against the arm of the couch, putting your legs on his lap while his arms rested on them. You quickly got ready and grabbed your phone and keys before walking out of your flat.

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You drove out of your driveway quickly, singing along to the radio the whole ride until you reached the studio. You both chugged half of your water bottles to make it look real and then placed them on your nightstand.

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I'm sure he believed you. After ten minutes of watching TV, you heard the door open and Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Niall walked in with smiles on their faces.

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You giggled again and then looked towards Michael who was smiling at your giggling figure. You looked back at Luke and saw he was looking at the ground next to him.

You were both stripped down to your underwear and your lips were on his when you heard laughing from downstairs.

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After a few days of Zayn ignoring you both, he soon calmed down and accepted your relationship. He picked you up bridal style and quickly went to your room, locking and shutting your bedroom door before setting you on your bed. You pushed him back slightly and straddled him while his hands roamed under your shirt.

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You realized that he pocket dialed you and you were about to hang up when you heard your name. Liam opened the door and smiled when he saw both of you relaxed on your bed, your head resting on his shoulder.

You and Calum smiled at each other before high-fiving. Harry- "I saw you Ashton!! Liam- "Cal, can you get us some popcorn?!