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The workforce ratio was 5 men to 2 women. Smaller struggles, but still struggles. Nana was a hair dresser before they were married. Another famous case of the Red scare would be the ventures of Joseph McCarthy.

Innegotiators from both sides began talks about ending the war, but peace still did not come until July of when a peace agreement was finally signed.

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By August, enough U. Everything in today's life is instant, virtual, digital, satellite, cable, etc.

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When evening came, they would come home to their wife and children, sit down for dinner, watch the news on TV, or read the newspaper. Armed forcessMilitary Pages: After the kids were born she stayed at home to take care of them and be a wonderful supporting wife.

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S suffered losses of about 54, dead andinjured. Besides the fear for Communism, the Cold war itself was advancing through the 50s. Then they would go to bed to get up and do it all over again the next day. One of the main political events of the fifties was the Korean War.

Inthe Americans watched the presidential nominations on TV.

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The supposed name holder of over communist spies in the US government, McCarthy rode a wave of anti-Communist fear, tirelessly trying to discredit Truman administration and the Democrats.

In Junethe war exploded and became hot because the Americans realized that the Soviets could find ways to threaten the Americans goal of peace.

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African-American Review 37, no. Modern medicine wiped out smallpox, yellow fever and polio. The work demonstrates that during the s academic work began to be even more direct with its assassination of the individual as the source of limited progress. When he came back home, they were married, built a house on the beach and had a baby, 10 years later they had 5 children.

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S American soldiers had arrived to reinforce the South Koreans. You get my point, right? Ike was elected because he was a man of peace with simple answers Russiske dating changing America.

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In the business world, you have meetings that you can attend by using a video phone, PowerPoint presentations to help you get your point across at the meetings you can't get out of, instant messaging to speak to clients and other businesses around the world, cell phones with computers built right into them to do everything simultaneously, navigational systems for the company cars to get you from 1950 s essay a to point b, and food replicators just kidding.

Nana would serve him dinner on a tray in the living room. For the first time in The Democratic nominee was Adlai Stevenson. Conformity was common, as young and old people followed group norms rather then their own individuality.

Though it is true that the post WWII America has the highest standard of living that no other countries can match, the s, backed by the Second Red Scare, really had been a time period of tension and anti-communism.

Home Essays Apush Essay- 's Was an The United States experienced phenomenal economic growth. The white community rejected and repressed the African-American family with all the same and worse segregation and discrimination when they were attempting to grow and become stronger, many by leaving the south.

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In other words the period demonstrates an extreme prejudice, where African-American 1950 s essay themselves were in short blamed directly for their inability to succeed in the American landscape, regardless of the fact that the social, legal and economic conditions were almost completely against them.

In our personal lives, we have our cell phones, and maybe a home phone, scheduled play dates for our kids, microwaves, satellite TV, home security systems that don't involve dogs, solar landscape lighting, automatic underground sprinkler systems for our lawns, and compact fluorescent lights to replace the incandescent bulbs that waste energy.

Most people seemed satisfied with their way of life, but others were uneasy with the way the world was changing so quickly.

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The automobile industry was partially responsible, as the number of cars produced annually quadrupled between and